Murder Melee in the Meadow



June 6-9, 2019
Binbrook Conservation Area
4110 Harrison Rd.
Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0
GPS Co-ordinates: N43° 05.796’ W79° 49.705’

Site Opens: Thursday, June 6 at 4:00 pm
Site Closes: Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 pm

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must show your SCA membership, or a pass if a non-member (please see website to print the pass and bring with you), at the gate to the Conservation Authority or you will be charged their daily rate IN ADDITION to site fees.

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Planning camping? Arlette of the Rozakii, may she never spontaneously combust, is coordination group reservations for campsites. You can find a not-to-scale map of the site here – LINK! – and  Arlette’s contact information below with the event stewards info. Check that link to see which sites are already spoken for.

IF YOU ARE ARRIVING AFTER 8:00 PM: The Conservation Authority will close their main gate at 8:00. If you are arriving after that there will be a combination lock attached to the gate which will allow you to open it. The combination for the lock is MELEE. Please make sure you close and re-lock the gate after you enter or leave.

Registration Fee –

Arrival Day Non-Member Member Child*
Thursday Camp $50 $45 $10
Friday Camp $45 $40 $10
Saturday Camp $35 $30 $5
Day Trip $25 $20 $5

* First  Child (age 5-17) – additional children in the same family are free

From Gate to the Tavern

• The Barony will donate $1 to the Kingdom for each adult admitted
• Cheques made payable to SCA – Ben Dunfirth
• Children under 5 are free
• For those bringing minors for whom they are not the legal guardian, you will be required to bring additional documentation. Please read the Minor Attendance Policy
• Parking passes can be found here

Join us for Murder Melee XXXVI! Activities are being organized for every martial discipline. We will have competitions in rapier and armoured combat, youth combat, thrown weapons, and archery.

Murder Melee promises to be an event that offers it all: a great site for families and camping, glorious competition in all martial activities, and classes in various arts and sciences. Whether you are training for war or simply enjoying the summer season among family and friends, Murder Melee will not disappoint!


Disclaimer: Rabbits are definitely not undercover spies from Skrael. Well, probably not.

Features of the Binbrook Conservation Area include:
• a large swimming beach (please wear appropriate attire);
• a splash pad play area (installed in 2017);
• Boat launch and rowboat, paddle boat, canoe or kayak, cable‐wakeboarding rentals – LINK!
• Zip line and Aerial Game Park (by reservation only) – LINK!
• Cable Wakeboarding – LINK!
• fishing (permit required for anyone age 18‐65 per Ontario law; please be aware of applicable catch and release policies);
• beautiful nature trails.

• The site features plenty of flat, camp‐able, lightly treed land
• Fire rings will be available for campfires or outdoor cooking – please no ground fires – we will be bringing in pre‐cut firewood this year
• Well‐behaved and leashed dogs are welcome – you must clean up after your pet!
• There is one tap available near the main activities area with potable water suitable for drinking (filtered, chlorinated, and UV treated – tested daily) – please bring your own containers to fill
and take to your campsite
• Please note that there are wild animals (raccoons, etc.) on site, so food should be kept in
appropriate containers
• Flush toilets are available in the main activity area, as well as additional port‐a‐johns in the main camping area, a handicap‐accessible port‐a‐john will be placed near the tavern
• Dumpsters will be available to dispose of your garbage before you leave
• Site is discretely damp

Event Stewards:

Your Marshals:

• Heavy: Sir Tristham
• Rapier: THL David of Ben Dunfirth
• Archery: THL Don the Duckman
• Thrown: HE Augusta Weyfare

Heavy Events:

• 1 hour prior to sunset: Authorizations, Novice Tourney
• Sunset: Inspections for Torchlight Tourney
• 30 Minutes past Sunset: Torchlight Tourney

• Noon: 10 Man Melee Tourney
• Melee practice after tournament

Rapier Events:

10:00 AM: Novice Tourney, Youth Combat
• 11:00 AM: Academy of Defense Prize Fights, hosted by Beaudouin
• After Lunch: Main Tourney – reverse bear pit (3 losses and your out).

Archery Events:

• Possible time for fun, participants will determine

• Range will be open most of the day.

Thrown Weapons Events:

• Range open 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

• Range open 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
• All Ticks Must Die 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Sponsored by Trinovantia Nova
• Yeoman of the Wolf 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Arts and Sciences:

• Most of the Day: 3 Bags Full! The fellowship of woolwinders have been at their work, and have delivered to the Mayor of the Staple a forfeiture – a breeder of wools has suffered their sheep to go above five or six days unshorn or unclipped after being washed and dried again ready to be shorn, and as such those said wools are forfeit!  – Wool prepping, washing, and maybe some dyeing drop-in – if you are interested in playing with wool fibers for spinning, felting, or stuffing, stop by for as much or as little time as you like; Baroness Lucia of Ramshaven and Countess Arlette will be providing lots of raw fleece (at least “three bags full” – 5 fleeces or more), some big pots, some water, some soap and some fire – Lucia will also be bringing some homemade “black soap” and some ingredients for dyeing – we will see what we can make out of it all!  If you have other equipment you would like to bring the more the merrier!  There will be lots of fleece available – participants can take home a portion of the washed results.  We will be working somewhere in the vicinity of the water tap….
• Scriptorium with Mistress Marioun: 1:00PM-3:00PM A&S Pavillion

Non Martial Events:

• 10am Saturday: Hammers meeting
• 11am Saturday: Baronial Council meeting
• After Melee Tournament: Chivalry meeting
• At Their Majesties Determination: Court (~4:30PM, subject to change)
• TBA Saturday: Pinata!

Directions from points West, take Highway 403 towards Hamilton

• Take Exit 61 onto 6 South
• Turn right onto Upper James Street/6 South
• Turn left onto Chippewa Road East
• Turn right onto Trinity Church Road
• Turn left onto Kirk Road
• Turn right onto Harrison Road
• Site is on the right

Directions from points East and South take QEW towards Hamilton

• Take Exit 88-89 for Red Hill Valley Parkway
• Take the Stone Church Road exit – keep to the right – do not turn onto Stone Church
• Continue straight (south) onto Upper Red Hill Valley Parkway
• When the road ends, turn left onto Rymal Road East
• Take the first right onto Trinity Church Road
• Turn left on Kirk Road
• Turn right on Harrison Road
• Site is on the right

Please be aware, for your personal safety:

•        The greater Hamilton area continues to see cases of raccoon strain rabies circulating in the raccoon and skunk populations.  Hamilton Public Health indicates that the overall the risk remains low to the general public but there are measures you can take to minimize your risk.  We encourage you to make sure pets and people are protected.  Further information for the Hamilton area can be found at – . You can also call the Rabies Hotline at 1-888-574-6656 or see the Government of Ontario website at .  As a precaution, owners should ensure that any dogs attending Murder Melee are up to date on their rabies vaccine, and as per site rules, dogs should be kept leashed and supervised at all times.  Children should be reminded not to approach wildlife.  In the unlikely event that you should see a raccoon or skunk while on site, please report it to the autocrat and/or park staff and avoid contact with it – raccoons and skunks in this area are not acclimated to people, so seeing one may be a sign that it is ill.

•        The conservation authority is making people aware of the danger of ticks in the Hamilton/Niagara area. We encourage you to make sure pets and people are protected – avoid tall grass; wear long pants, socks and close toe shoes; use a tick repellent that contains DEET or lcaridin and follow the manufacturer’s directions for application; check your children, pets, and yourself for ticks.  We will have tick keys for removing ticks available at the gate and in Ben Dunfirth camp if required.  At this time, the most common type of tick found in Hamilton is the American dog tick, which does not transmit Lyme disease.  As of 2018, Hamilton has been newly identified as a low risk area for Lyme disease, joining Pickering, Kingston and Ottawa.  The estimated risk areas are calculated as a 20km radius from the centre of a location where blacklegged ticks were found through drag sampling.  In Ontario, black-legged ticks are more commonly found in areas along the north shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.