The SCA (or Society for Creative Anachronism ) is a non-profit, educational organization which is devoted to the study and recreation of the middle ages and renaissance periods as they were and as they might have been.

Founded in California in 1966, the SCA has grown into an international organization with over 30,000 members world-wide. This “Known World” is divided into kingdoms; regions ruled by a King and Queen selected by combat at a regularly scheduled tournament, where each aspirant to the Crown fights for the honour of crowning his or her consort. Within each kingdom are smaller groups – Principalities, ruled by Princes and Princesses also chosen by combat, Baronies, Shires and Cantons. All of these groups are run by appointed officers who form a kind of civil service for the rulers.

SCA members are interested in all aspects of life prior to 1600-1650 A.D. They study a wide range of arts and sciences: armour construction and safe, authentic tournament combat; costuming and textile arts; cooking and brewing; heraldry; dancing and music; calligraphy and illumination; and practice them too, at feasts and revels, at tournaments and at various events and meetings.

SCA events are open to all, members and non-members alike, with the proviso that attendees must make a reasonable attempt to fit in with the SCA’s standards of dress and behaviour. Everyone is expected to wear some form of period costume, however simple – the SCA doesn’t attempt to enforce perfect authenticity, but admires and encourages accurate reconstruction of dress and equipment.

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