Bane Thralls (plastic resculpt)

IKRPGGday80There are many things in the Warmachine universe that are scary. Some are just mildly creepy, some send a shiver up your spine, and then there are things that make you shudder like when you’ve been wandering around the house barefoot with the lights off, and something goes *squish*. Which brings us to Bane Thralls… which don’t really go squish that easily, so maybe it’s not an ideal analogy… nonetheless, Privateer Press releases the new plastic Bane Thralls this month, and I’m pretty impressed – only from a modelling standpoint, I still shake my fist at Cryx, don’t worry – so I thought you might like to have a butcher’s. Which is Aussie slang, and has nothing to do with Orsus Zoktavir. Sigh.



True to form, there’s a dirty great pile of pieces in the box. Everything’s in one big lot and doesn’t require a degree in plastic bits management to sort out, except for one little baggie of skulls.


Then plastic bodies, nicely divided into three of each type and one for the unit leader. After unboxing several units of Convergence models and other plastics in the past there was something odd about these that caught my attention.


Where were all the mold lines?

Each component has a single spot where the plastic was fed into the mold – in the unit leader’s case it’s there on the nub for the shoulderpad on his pointing arm – but beyond that, required cleanup is very minimal indeed.


Another body to show, again, how clean the models already are. 30 seconds with a hobby knife around the edge of the “skirt” and remove that injection nob on the top there, and that’s pretty much all the cleaning this component needs.

Of note, when painter Nick first saw these he remarked that they seemed much shorter than the metal Bane Thralls – but that’s because, as can be seen on this body, there’s a separate piece for the upper chest that needs to be added to each Thrall.


A little creative test fitting will help you work out which axe belongs with which body. The unit leader’s is easy to spot since it only has one hand attached to it.


Yay leader axe! Clip off that nob on the bottom of the handle and you’re done.


Chests, shoulderpads, back spikes, and little skulls! Again, each only needed an injection nub clipped off. One day I guess I should find out the actual proper name for those little bits of flash…


So here’s a selection of the bits needed to make a single Bane Thrall. Body, chest, head, axe, shoulderpads, spines. I have no idea why I included two sets of spines in the pic. I blame a general distrust of Toruk’s minions.


Adding the chest to the body restores the missing height that had Nick worried earlier.


True to form, I think I grabbed the only axe that has visible mold lines. Hah! Nonetheless… the axes slot onto the forearms nicely.


After that, pop in a head, and then it’s just shoulderpads and spines to go, which are both straightforward as heck so I didn’t bother taking pics. I’m a lazy guy, I know, I know.


“Hey Nick”, I said, “I need one of these plastic Bane Thralls painted for review. Can you knock that out for me?”

“Yeah, sure”, he says, and then promptly gets the entire unit done, and adds a UA while he’s at it.

Nick, I like you and all, but sometimes you’re a bit of a show-off 😉


“Let’s go that way, boys! I want to hit them with my axe!”

The Bane Thralls plastic resculpt is releasing this month in a box of ten undead gribblies with which your Cryxian warcasters can upset your opponents. Your FLGS staff should be able to help you get your hands on some.