Case in point: Jamming models in KR Multicase

IKRPGGday80Recently, Privateer Press forum participant RJC243 posted this thread asking for input regarding which company to invest in when it comes to finding a miniatures transport solution for his army mans. The discussion has been quite interesting, with pros and cons of multiple manufacturers being discussed, but one thing that came up was that KR Multicase’s website doesn’t show miniatures actually in the foam, to give a visual of how it can all come together.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to show how I myself like to make use of the blue spongey stuff that KR sells with their card boxes of niftiness.


The Red Couch returns for this little photo set. Behold, one closed KR Multicase card case. Two of these fill a Kaiser2 bag, which is approximately the same size as the standard Warmachine or Hordes bag offered by Battlefoam.



The top layer in each case is always a single sheet of foam, the same density as the foam the miniatures themselves are packed in. This way, when in use, any miniature in the case is protected by the same foam on all sides.


Opening it up we reveal the top layer. This is an F3T tray, and holds 36 30mm models, taking up 1/3 of the height of the case.


Beneath that we have a couple of half size F3T’s – specifically, they’re F3H’s, and go side by side to provide the same amount of storage space, with the added bonus that should I need to I can pop those trays into a half case, or mix and match with a different cell layout.


And under that another F3T, because apparently I decided this card case would carry all teh infantriez. Including my four units of Mage Hunter Strike Force. You hear me, Templecon? I’m bringing sneaky elf dudes.


In the second case that was taking up space in my Kaiser2 we lift the top sheet to find one of my Hyperions and a selection of 40mm and 50mm models. Because the mymidons are plastic and the foam provides the same protection on every panel, including top and bottom, I’m comfortable with putting some in head first – they slide in easier that way, and I just write their names on the bottom of the bases.


The Hyperion is in a D1H pluck foam half tray, and there are two light myrmidons taking up extra space in the same foam. In the D5H half tray we have Skeryth Issyen, Skarath, two more light myrmidons and seven heavy myrmidons.

Underneath the D5H we have another F3H half tray that’s largely empty, awaiting the Mage Hunter Inflitrators. You’re looking at the underside of a Heavy Rifle Team gunner there, if you’re curious.


Between the two KR card cases, I’ve got a total of 126 spots for 30mm models, room for approx a dozen myrmidons of mixed size (right now 9 50mm’s and 4 40mm’s) and a colossal.

I hope this helps people have a better understanding of how much one can fit into a KR case!

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  1. KR’s site has got a pdf with the different layouts on it, which is helpful. Plus, they’ve got multiple colours of foam available now. Annoyingly, they announced they were doing pink foam a week or two after i’d just received my last order…

    I like KR product (I’ve got about 6 of the card cases), but the case building tool on the website is a pain in the backside to actually use.

  2. I started with a small KR case when i got into WM, but switched to the Battlefoam bag when my Menite collection started to get “collection-y”. I regret it. So I took advantage of the recent holiday sale to pick up a Kaiser2.

    I recommend KR to everyone (and they aren’t paying me to say this…although KR if you’re listening *nudge nudge*).

  3. I’m a Battlefoam fan but the price was not making me happy so I eventually went to Spud Foam. (In case you’re not in the know that’s a reference to the blog posts from the old blog where Capt Spud made his own foam storage from mdf and foam from a fabric store =). I’ve found that the battlefoam size fits perfectly in the black plastic tubs with yellow lids you can get from Home Depot or Costco.

  4. Avatar ForsakenPoptart
    ForsakenPoptart says:

    I don’t suppose you’ve got any of the X-wing trays? I’m curious to see what they’re like before I invest.

  5. Battlefoam does have some really nice bags, but I’ve found the (with their Black Label line in any case) same exact cases for much much cheaper on Amazon, minus the Battlefoam logo of course.

    However, I haven’t found anything even similar to KR. Once I save up some cash, I plan on getting rid of my old bags and upgrading to KR foam and cases.