Eradicators and Elimination Servitors

IKRPGGday80As we continue to barrel through the releases for the Convergence of Cyriss, it’s a delight and a pleasure to see the last of the medium-based infantry released, along with the Servitors with the evilest glares… I mean, seriously, they just *look* like they wish you harm.

With a box and a blister, it’s time to get our clockwork on.




First up, the Elimination Servitors. I took this picture to show you just how many pieces these little deathballs come in. These are the single most complicated Servitor models to assemble, being the very first that come in three pieces. Count them, three! Madness! I probably should have zoomed out further to better encapsulate the work you have ahead of you.

And no, this entire ramble is not inspired by my forgetting to crop the image before feeding it through the program that resizes and adds the watermark… not at all.


Behold its three beady glow slits… you just know it’s staring at you and calculating your carbon footprint and judging you accordingly. Note that head on, there’s no indication as to which end is up, but if you look at the side there’s a semicircle that makes me think of baseballs. This is pretty much the only indicator as to how to orient your Elimination Servitor.


And then there’s a spine, to which the three-barreled Spike Ejector. Note that this doesn’t mean the Servitor will self-destruct after taking three shots. No, these malevolent little sods have quite destructive plans for you indeed…


Death comes for you not on the wings of a bat… or angel… or even unmanned drone. Nope, no wings at all, you just get an angry looking deathball with a dartgun, painted by Lost crew painter Solon.


The Eradicators are the third unit of medium-based Convergence infantry, the other two units being the Reciprocators and the Perforators. The three units share a significant portion of components, the only real distinction being the armaments. Accordingly, you can refer to the other two reviews for closer looks at some of the shared parts.


There’s a lot of joy in taking a big pile of components and trying to sort them out. To be honest, the best part’s making the big pile at the start.


And then you start sorting, and realize that so many of these pieces are ones from the other reviews, and you give up before you finish sorting out the legs and upper arms… but you do make sure to show the weapon components, so you can feel like you’ve met the social contract 😉


The Protean Bucklers may be one of the coolest weapons the Convergence has is its arsenal. You can see the outer side of the Bucklers in the last pic, this one shows the undersides so you can see how they attach to the forearms. There’s no left or right Buckler, though there are left and right fists.


Honestly, part of me is thinking that there’s potential for a chorus line of these guys. Either way, Solon’s metalicized this Eradicator just to make sure it can’t get through the metal detectors at the Corvis airport. Or maybe so that it’ll be easier to find if Gorten buries it with a landslide. Who knows, really, the ways of Solon are vague and mysterious, and occasionally involve eggplant.

The Eradicators and Elimination Servitors are January releases from Privateer Press for the Convergence of Cyriss faction in Warmachine. Stare meaningfully at your FLGS staff and make tick-tock noises until they get the hint…


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  1. Really love the paint scheme he’s got going there!

    Doubt I’d get into Cyriss, but if I did, I’d paint them that way!