Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed bloke


One of the joys of being part of the Lost Hemisphere crew has been having a reason to slap a logo on a shirt and to stroll around the joint with the Lost Hemisphere Astrolabe, as designed by the ever nifty Dave Daniels, plastered across my chest. I think I currently have five Lost Hemisphere shirts, a small collection accrued over several years of geekery. In the past Lost Hemisphere’s crew shirts have been provided via our cafepress store, but in my quest to find a suitable football jersey for the Stag & Doe of Lost Pal Mr Lunchbox and his lovely fiancee (who will forevermore be referred to as Laura Lunchbox), I came across a site that provided a wider range of shirts and the like, with a better spread of colours, and all that jazz. Sure, the LH shirts are generally navy/white, but it’s nice to have options. Assuming shipping plans come together (cross-border shipping always complicates matters) I do believe I’ll be sporting one of these at Templecon this year…


Assuming all goes well, I’ll be updating the Swag Store link to point to the new vendor shortly.

3 Responses to Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed bloke

  1. Avatar Chris Mac
    Chris Mac says:

    Sweet! Its nice to see a different kind of shirt and you just can’t go wrong with the LH astrolabe!

  2. I love my LHR Shirt! It’s beat to heck and back now but I still wear it, even though I did lost 100lbs in between buying it and now lol. Still a great shirt!

  3. Avatar gdaybloke
    gdaybloke says:

    One of the neat things with this new vendor is that people will be free to make their own apparel on a variety of shirts, sporting the Astrolabe.