Houseguard Thane and Plastic Riflemen

IKRPGGday80Ah, it feels good to be writing reviews in the ol’ blog software interface again… We relaunch the blog reviews here on Lost Hemisphere with something near and dear to my heart, the Retribution of Scyrah. Not only are we stepping back in with a brand new solo that will to a large extent cause some significant re-evaluation of how Retribution of Scyrah players use their Houseguard units, but we also take a peek at the re-release of the Houseguard Riflemen, this time in plastic – and you know, I’m grateful, since Ossyan’s demanding I pack multiple units, and I hate carrying a heavy army bag…



The Houseguard Thane presents a challenge for any model reviewer who wants to showcase the intricacies of the model, because… it’s only in two pieces. You get one heroically posed hunka hunka burnin’ elf toting his “pistol” on his shoulder, and a lovely pokey sword to attach at the left shoulder. Since there’s not a lot of individual components to show you, this won’t take too long…


The Houseguard Thane is a decorated officer of his caste, as evidenced by the sash of medals he bears across his chest. No, it’s not a bandolier, he doesn’t wish he was Chewbacca; each segment tells a story of battles hard-won in the name of Ios. Not iOS, that’s a different thing entirely.


His armour hides it, but if you’d definitely know he works out if it wasn’t there. The shoulder cape is a throwback to the late 19th Century, marking our Thane as a man… well, elf… who’s in touch with the classics.


Aaaaand then the sword arm goes there. Small peg and socket, but given the length of the arm and that it’s the only contact point, I’d strongly recommend pinning the arm in place.

I don’t have a painted Thane to show you, because, well, Templecon has subsumed my painting desk as I try to hit all sorts of preparation deadlines. If I can I’ll have him painted and bring him to showcase, but if not, you’ll have to make to with a horde of Mage Hunters. I’ll try not to cackle too maniacally.


The re-release of the Houseguard Riflemen in plastic heralds a new age of less stress on my KR Kaiser1’s shoulder strap. I gotta be me, so Ossyan’s theme is in the wings, and the chance to field the two required units of Houseguard Riflemen in plastic rather than metal, makes my old man aching back happy. Every little bit helps.


Inside the standard plastic bag is the expected contents, but damn if Privateer’s modelling team didn’t plan this out to be nice and easy. There are four Rifleman grunt sculpts, and a separate for the leader. Three have the rifle already attached, two have a two-arm connection with a slot (rather than a socket) on the right arm, two have a two-arm connection with sockets, and two have slots that extend right across the chest as the grunts hold their rifles close. The leader has the remaining rifle (the only one with a shoulderpad attached), and of course, everyone shares a backpack. It would take some wilful insolence to mess up assembly.

Oh, but what’s in the little baggie?


In an ongoing effort to help us NOT lose the tiniest components of their plastic kits, Privateer has isolated the five heads for those bodies that have separate noggins, and the unit leader’s left arm.


I wanted to show some specific pics of this model – the one with the rifle pre-attached – because it always amazes me when a company produces a model with a large gap somewhere in it, and does a reasonably clean job. In this case, there’s significant space between the rifle and the torso as the rifleman holds his rifle up to aim a shot at some filthy round-ear or something. While the detail isn’t razor-crisp on the plastic, the mold lines are very minor compared to some of the models we’ve seen in the past.


Cleanup on this fellow and his compatriots shouldn’t take too long at all, and MAN do my fingers look stubby in that pic. Damn skinny elves, making me look fat by comparison. I can look chubby all on my own, dammit, Iosan!

As with the Thane, no painted model to showcase at this time, but I wanted to share these with you as soon as I was able.

The Houseguard Thane and plastic Houseguard Riflemen are January releases for Privateer Press’ Warmachine. Harass your local FLGS salesperson until they agree to get you some. If they don’t, they’re probably a wizard of some sort, and the Retribution will be on its way to deal with them. 

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  1. I just finished painting a squad of metal Riflemen, but such is life. Can’t wait for my two Thanes in a week or two.