Reblog: Rob Hawkins on GW’s current predicament

IKRPGGday80Sometimes things are worth sharing. Rob Hawkins has such things to say regarding the current rumormongering about Games Workshop after their recent stock price drop, and his words are often worth paying attention to. Also, that one time he made a bunch of Menite terrain means I heart him, so you should pay attention accordingly. Yes, you have to read his words because one time he made a building or three. 


Guess I Won’t Bother Starting a Tomb Kings Army

The internet exploded this week with talk of GW’s impending implosion because of the stock drop. I’ve been reading all kinds of rumors about the future of Games Workshop and what it means for the the hobby. Having been doing this since the late 90’s and even working at GW for a time, of course I have my own opinions on the matter.

“Because it’s Wreckable, Alright!”

First off, GW isn’t going anywhere. There have been ups and downs throughout its history. When GW US was hemmorhaging money back around 2004, they gutted US HQ, rearranged things, and got back on track. Does anyone remember Marvel Comics? Remember when they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in ’96? No one was concerned that there weren’t going to be Spider-Man comics anymore. Marvel made it through their rough patch and is doing pretty well (and it wasn’t from the Disney purchase, because that didn’t happen for another 10 years).

This sort of thing is cyclical; GW will bounce back. If anything, I would say now is a good time to buy stock in GW if you have the means. Buy low, wait a couple years and maybe make a few bucks. If another company does come in and buy them (like people suspect) stock prices will probably skyrocket.

*For legal purposes it should be noted that I am not a financial adviser, licensed or otherwise, and none of my investment advice should be listened to. It’s solely speculation, based on no evidence or analysis whatsoever.

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