Sponsor Highlight: Broken Egg Games

IKRPGGday80Lost Hemisphere is proud to announce that Broken Egg Games are on board and sponsoring for the 2014 gaming year.

Broken Egg Games produce all a variety of high quality wood gaming trays for Warmachine/Hordes, and also trays suitable for other miniature games such as Infinity, Blood Bowl and Star Wars Miniatures.


Their Warmachine/Hordes trays come in two sizes – Classic and Tournament – and have not only a number of options available to you depending on your army’s primary base size needs, but also produce trays in multiple wood finishes and with different felt options for lining the side tray.


Broken Egg Games also produce a number of templates and gauges, faction-specific token options, acrylic credit chits for Netrunner, and what are hands down some of the sweetest resin wall obstacles I’ve ever seen.


Broken Egg Games will have a table at Templecon, so those of you attending can partake of the nifty, and are also donating prizes to the Lost Hemisphere Charity Fundraiser, making them A-OK in my book 🙂

Click any of the above images to be taken to Broken Egg Games’ website.



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