Stare into the face of PURE GEOSTRUCTION!

IKRPGGday80Sometimes you meet someone online and natter for a bit, and you think “Huh, this individual is rather spiffy.” Then, just to show you where you were wrong, they step up to the plate and contribute some pure unadulterated awesomeness to a charity fundraiser that you’re putting together. You realize that referring to them as “rather spiffy” was a gross understatement.

Ladies and Gentlelost, I present for your ogling pleasure, one of the prizes on offer for this year’s Lost Hemisphere Fundraiser at Templecon 2014, all proceeds going to help fund colon cancer research.


* Geostruction being Geological Destruction, of course.

When you’re an enormous, smoke belching machine with two gigantic drill arms, chances are you’ll be used at some point for drilling. Imagine, if you will, this monstrosity burrowing up in the middle of your local football field.

The Ghordson Earthbreaker model has been donated to the prize pool by Andrew Bailey, and all painting and modelling is by the uber-talented Chris Oelhafen of Fallen Studios.

Wall-E’s got nothing on this colossal (hah!) engine of destruction. Sorry, geostruction.

One lucky person will take this model home with them from Templecon as a prize from the charity fundraiser. Everyone buy lots of tickets so that we can ensure it doesn’t go home with Devilsquid! It’s for a good cause, and may or may not be endorsed by Devilsquid’s local opponents.

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  1. Avatar Doug Hamilton
    Doug Hamilton says:

    Just wow!

  2. Amazing!