Templecon Charity Update: Modelage!

IKRPGGday80As we approach Templecon (only a few weeks away!!) I find myself getting more and more excited about this year’s Lost Hemisphere Charity Raffle. Yes, we have an entire theme force, new in box, thanks to Privateer Press. Yes, there’ll be a set of Dragon Forge bases. Yes, trays from Broken Egg, even a particularly funky not-yet-released terrain centrepiece from Tectonic Craft Studios, and heck, there’ll be a new in box Earthbreaker in the pile, and USPS willing a painted Earthbreaker from Fallen Studios and Faultimus…

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the models we’ve already got in hand, or that the painters have sworn on a pile of Liber Mechanika’s that are on the way and will be here in time. Click on the thumbnails to see in all their bigginess!

wrongeeyebychrischapman All the way from Australia, painted by the talented Chris Chapman whom I remember from when he was but a wee tween in the mid 90’s, Wrong-Eye and Snapjaw, all ready to death-roll your opponent. Not your opponent’s models, your actual opponent. Bring a wet-nap.
tinkerbycliffhughes From Cliff Hughes, a model that makes SO much more sense now that we have Raluk Moorclaw – the Gobber tinker can handle all those finicky repairs on your Hordes battle engines, and also on whichever warjack Raluk’s bringing with him. Moorclaw has better things to do with his time…
repenterbypat 1 of 3 from Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, we have an absolutely stunning Repenter. I’m sure this is no reflection on his needing to repent for not playing enough Protectorate…
juggernautbypat 2 of 3 From Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, it’s the Juggernaut, *bleep*. With a winter wonderland base, you could say he’s here to take you for a ‘slay’ ride… because apparently I can’t resist a terrible pun, even in the name of charity.
berserkerbypat 3 of 3 from Pat Gordon over at Artisan’s Edge, the Berserker may be “dashing through the snow”, but I’m pretty sure if there’s a “Silent Night” at the end of this, it’s only because its boiler went critical. Yay, more Christmas puns!
extremeravagorebyelvenandy ElvenAndy, you’d think, would be all about Ios, but apparently he’s leaning more towards Nyss and their blighted monstrosities. Every Legion player needs an Extreme Ravagore, right?

Also, apparently it hates centering itself in the thumbnail. Damn Legion, always so contrary…

alexia2bydrifter Many moons ago, this very Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire, model was sent to Australia as a prize won by Nathan Pullen of Steam Powered Painting. Now he’s painted it all up and it’s on its way back to join the prize table at Templecon. It’s cute how things work out sometimes.
alexia1byyaum Finally, it’s Alexia Ciannor and the Risen – all painted by the ridiculously edible Guillaume Juneau from Yaum La Machine. So pretty… so damn pretty… Or however you say that in French

These models – and a whole bunch more stuff – will be won by people at Templecon. You could be one of them. WHEEEEE!!!!!






2 Responses to Templecon Charity Update: Modelage!

  1. Avatar ElvenAndy
    ElvenAndy says:

    Hey, Nyss are elves too, they’re just on a bit of a performance enhancing drug kick. 🙂 So much good stuff here!

  2. Avatar Protagonist
    Protagonist says:

    Man, you people with talent make me jealous. 😉