Goreshade the Bastard: Rolling Bones


It started with the Trollkin Kiltlifter. It continued with the Bombardier Bombshell, the Druid Gone Wilder, and the Steelsoul Keg Protector. Privateer Press has had a lot of fun releasing convention exclusive models over the years, each time an amusing variant on an existing model, and tournament legal.

At Templecon 2014 we got to see this year’s Convention model, Rolling Bones Goreshade! Nothing says “I’m a Bastard” like actively summoning a bunch of extra dice in the middle of the game.

Rolling Bones Goreshade is a legal variant on Goreshade the Bastard, just with a funky pose and cool dice and a very waifish companion. Goreshade comes in 7 components, and the Deathwalker is a single piece.

Goreshade is a series of components joined by square pegs. While this may make it a little less posable, it does mean everything goes together as it’s supposed to. The torso connects at the waist per square peggage.

The spiky backpack connects to the back per square peggage.

The sword arm attaches under the shoulder per square peggage.

The trailing cloak/skirt doesn’t attach per square peggage, but rather attaches directly under the lower point of the collar armour on the back. It’s shaped that way quite deliberately, and contacts the back nicely.

And then the left arm connects via square peggage, and then the dice stream connects via… yep, square peggage!

Put it together and what have you got?

Some bloody sweat ivory dice…

Hey may be a Bastard, but damn if he isn’t fabulous in the bargain.

Painter Nick (who painted the things!) made a point of noting just how slender and waifish the Deathwalker is. Given the bulk of Goreshade, her tiny size is notable.

Pallid flesh is the only hint that she’s no longer one of the living…

Rolling Bones Goreshade and his attendant Deathwalker are Convention exclusives from Privateer Press. Find them at a convention near you, or online through Privateer’s online store during a major convention.