Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Volume One

IKRPGGday80Skull Island Expeditions has presented us with an excellent series of Iron Kingdoms fiction for a little while now. We’ve enjoyed both novellae and full length novels, and even a collection or two of short stories. It’s been a great way to indulge in our favourite setting, be it through spending an afternoon in a comfy chair or just getting in a few chapters as you wind down in the evening before sleep. It’s been a very neat experience…

… but now they’re just teasing me.

ExcursionsEnter Iron Kingdoms Excursions, available from Skull Island Expeditions for a mere $0.99, or you can get a season’s pass to obtain all of the Excursions for $4.99.

I purchased a season’s pass out of the gate because I’m an addict. I sat down and cracked the digital spine on Will Schick’s tale of an Arcane Tempest Gun Mage hiding out in Occupied Llael, Aeryn Rudel’s story of a Highshield who just wants to wet his whistle, and Doug Seacat’s glimpse of what’s going on in the mind of an Iosan Houseguard Rifleman who’s been told he’s off to kill round-ears.

Remi and Colm are working as part of the Llaelese resistance, hiding behind bravado and friendly competition as they throw themselves into the lion’s den in their efforts to hamper the Khadoran occupiers.

Kurn is assigned to the the Highshield regiment that’s recognized as the bottom of the barrel. When they finally get a contract, even one as basic as safeguarding some iron ore being transported to Skirov, can this team of malcontents complete their appointed task if Kurn can’t get his uiske?

Meanwhile at PLACE, the Houseguard have faithfully stood watch at Crag Tower for generations. Scyro is eagerly awaiting the impending birth of his child… but political maneuvering has House Dryseth aligning with the Retribution of Scyrah, and Scyro is to be deployed to the front lines, far away from his pregnant wife and in the line of fire. What price honor? Duty?

Now, here’s my tongue-in-cheek gripe.

Ever looked at a meal, smelt the aroma of a well-prepared dish, savored it… picked up your cutlery, cut off a piece, put it in your mouth… chewed, savored, and then looked down at the plate, ready for another bite of delicious noms, and found the plate empty?

That’s what this is like. Each story is a vignette, a glimpse, a snapshot.

On the one hand I’m thrilled that we get these stories, life in the trenches, a chance to see unit grunts as more than just a body count – and Lord knows they’re a wonderful resource if you’re thinking of playing some IKRPG and want a starting point, some alternative to “My parents were killed, now I roam Immoren seeking vengeance on all Bogrin” – but dammit I want more!

Granted, thanks to the season pass there’s the promise of at least 5 more volumes (15 more vignettes?) but if I don’t get some answers as to what happens to these characters at some point, I’m gonna plotz!