Iron Mother Directrix, Transverse Enumerator & Wreck Markers

IKRPGGday80Hey, ho, let’s go! My dear Losties, February has been a month of business. Templecon came and went, and now we’re slogging it out to get back on track after losing over about half of the month to Templeconnage and recovery. February being a shorter month doesn’t help either, so let’s see if we can’t churn out some pictoral reviews of February’s releases! The Convergence of Cyriss got a handy little assist with the release of the Iron Mother, the Transverse Enumerator, and the Vector Wreck Markers.

Let’s take a look at the ladies first.

The Transverse Enumerator… um… well, there’s not exactly a lot of components to show, which translates to happy fun times for those who aren’t big on the modelling side. The shield is literally the only piece you need to attach to the model. Of course, you still need to paint it…

Lost Painter Solon is our painter today, with his striking scheme being quick to paint yet providing a solid visual on the tabletop.

The rear of the model allows for some more fluid lines with the flow of the cape.

I feel I should also point out that the Transverse Enumerator will make for an excellent Cyrissist model for IKRPG…

And then there’s Iron Mother Directrix, who comes in far too many pieces altogether… well, not really, especially considering she’s bringing two servitors with her.

Speaking of, let’s knock them out of the way. Small and spherical, like the other Servitors, the Exponent Servitors imperil their targets, increasing the damage friendly models will do to their victims.

Given that they’re armed with an Aperture Beam, it only makes sense that they have multiple lenses.

… and here’s where they come from. Directrix is a very slender waisted model with one heck of a huge cybernetic housing unit rising from her shoulders. The unit shows four Exponent Servitors ready to launch.

Her head nestles nicely into the collar, showing off her coronet nicely. This would be an excellent opportunity for some glowing lighting for those inclined to do so. Ignore the legs in this pic, I was goofing around – that’s NOT how they attach, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Not one to shy away from a threat, Iron Mother Directrix’s arms attach at the shoulder like so, and welcome your opponent’s attempts to do her harm in a haughty fashion.

Now, removing all that other stuff, we come back to the housing. Under each side there’s a shaped slot, into which will go one of the two training blade curtains.

See? Trailing. Curtain. All kinda Bladey.

The square recess will hold her train. No,  the train of her.. um.. dress. Not her locomotive. That’s the Transfinite Emergence Projector.

This beautifully ornate skirt attaches to the torso; there’s a fair bit of weight here, so I’d suggest putting a pin from the torso right though the skirt and into…

… the legs! See? Told you we’d get there.

Despite the years she’s spent in a metal body, the Iron Mother still recognises the need to cover her shame. Bam, loincloth component, complete with stylish waist plate.

Iron Mother Directrix was painted by Solon. Unfortunately my camera and lightbox were having an argument, so the pics are less than ideal.

Rear shot, because Dat Exponent Housing.

Finally, we have the Vector Wreck Markers. You’d forgotten Privateer made wreck markers, hadn’t you. FOR SHAME!

Each marker is a resin insert in a ring matching the base size of the model. In play, you can leave the wreck insert on the board until some cheeky sod tries to walk over it. at that point, just remove the insert and leave the ring on the table.

There’s not a lot to be said about the wreck markers other than that they’re pretty and will also make for some spiffy epic bases if you’re looking to convert something, so we present a gallery of the resin components.

The Vector wreck markers were painted by Solon.

Iron Mother Directrix, Transverse Enumerator and Vector Wreck Markers are February releases from Privateer Press. You should totally hassle your FLGS so that you can get your hands on them and add them to your army of clockwork soldiers.