Tectonic Craft Studios’ Wooden Things!

IKRPGGday80Gooood evening, Losties. It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. We’re taking a look at a couple of samples we purloined at Templecon from Tectonic Craft Studios, purveyors of nifty wooden terrain accessories and the guys responsible for the immense and beautiful terrain centrepiece that featured in our charity fundraiser this year.

We had a great time drooling over the products on display at Templecon, and in gratitude for their amazing contribution to the fundraiser we thought it only fitting that we show you a couple of their products.

First up, Tectonic make a line of base inserts, including these rune circle ones. Each is printed on a flat “card” of five insert. A little pressure on each and they pop out of the card, and are sized to fit into Privateer’s standard base sizes. Each insert is approximately 3mm thick, so they will sit tall over the edge of the base, if adding height is an issue for you.

Each insert has a ring of runes engraved for your painting pleasure, or you could always just enjoy the smell of laser cut wood, which is, let’s face it, nifty.

The other thing we purloined from Tectonic’s table at Templecon was this nifty looking objective tracker.

Four components make up your objective once you’ve punched it out. The unmarked circle is your base, the ring goes on top, and the two components on the right make your insert and pointer.

The ring just glues directly to the base. There was a minor size discrepancy between the ring and the base. Note that the ring tracks up to 15 damage points, making it suitable for 2014 Steamroller.

This little doohickey is the insert that marks how much damage the objective has taken. The little arrow portion doubles as a handle for you to grip and remove the insert, allowing you to reposition it as more damage is piled on.

The insert is a little snug, but pops in and out without significant effort, providing an on-table visual reference. This does mean that you may be picking up and putting down the marker while the game’s in progress, but for casual games this shouldn’t be an issue.

Until the objective starts taking damage I’d suggest leaving the insert aside (since there’s no 0 indicator) but once it starts coming in you can jam the insert in there. A little paint to take advantage of the steampunk design and you’ll have a stunning marker, especially for a Convergence army.

Tectonic Craft Studios make a variety of nifty items to enhance your gaming experience, including the amazing Victorious Arch and very nice zone markers. Also, again, laser cut wood smells amazing.

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  1. It seems like with the damage thinger you would count down, so start it at 15 and work down to 0 rather than counting up. That’s the way it works for most things in WM anyway…