Templecon 2014 Photodump!

IKRPGGday80It’s been about a week since the last update, and that’s been largely because I’ve been away from home at the one event us Losties look forward to most each year: Templecon. Templecon’s been our home convention, despite it being a day-long road trip, for many years now. It’s where we hold our annual charity fundraiser, where we vie to see who gets stuck in the room with the snorers, and in many cases, the only time of the year when we actually get to hang out with some of our interwebs friends. If you were following us on Twitter or Facebook it’s likely you’ve seen the vast majority of these photos already (cos I was an uploadin’ fiend), but the Templecon Photodump is a blog tradition. Accordingly, PHOTODUMP!!!

Yeah, so apparently I packed a few things. A goodly portion of this was in fact prizes for the charity raffle but we’ll get to that in a bit.


The last model I painted before leaving, Issyria was completed about 1:30AM on Tuesday night, with my ride due to show up Wednesday morning bright and early. There’ll be a full review post for you soon.

Gaspy and Valrus were my car buddies for the 12 hours it took to drive through the snowstorm that shall forever be known as Sorscha’s Revenge.

We also found my favourite American candy, so all was well, despite incredibly poor visibility and frightening vistas of cars in ditches and trailers on their sides. We got to Templecon in short order, connected with some pals, and started sorting out who was where.

Handcannon Online‘s Geist ended up splitting a mattress with the head of the Royal Canadian Wargamer’s Association. Insert your own lame jokes about East Meets West and all that jazz here.

FIRST KICKY MONK OF THE CONVENTION! As many of you know, I stockpiled a bunch of Allegiants of the Order of the Fist, with the intention of presenting them to random people at Templecon. I also popped a limited edition Lost Hemisphere logo base from Dragon Forge Design into each blister, because I appreciate our sponsors. In the background there you can see Broken Egg setting up as well. This young chap was one of the first dozen or so people in line to hit up Privateer’s booth to get our hands on some pre-releases. Accordingly, I decided he needed an Allegiant. He repaid the favour with hot chocolate later, and my tummy was grateful.

Privateer’s booth had pre-releases for February, March and April. If you were at Templecon, you may be one of the lucky few who already has a Corollary, Iron Mother Directrix, AND one of the Hovervectors. Or, ya know, Swamp Shamblers and other such shenanigans.

Lyle Lowery: The man with the plan. We have no idea what it is, but we’re pretty sure he has it.

Gamers lapped the Iron Arena tables as they waited in the queue. Of note, I was ahead of Will Pagani, Chilly Winters, and Geist. You can see them all there, wishing they were me, because I was at least three people ahead of them. It may, in fact, be the ONLY time they were EVER envious of me, but I’ll take what I can get πŸ˜›

Lost crew member and New England Privateer Lonelymonk came out with the Midnight Madness shirt to show it off. Gotta admit, it’s pretty darn schmexy. The shirt, that is. Not Craigger. I’m not into handlebars. πŸ˜‰

The release schedule. Note that there’s something blacked out under Convention Exclusive. I wonder what it could be…

Mike Plummer, Privateer’s Convention Coordinator, continues to be awesome. He’s not even using his hands here, he’s levitating boxes and blisters off the rack into piles for each purchaser by the sheer power of hisΒ miiiiiiind….. Also, he may have needed a coffee. Stuff happens.

Second Kicky Monk of the convention was awarded to Plarzoid, out of respect for his hard work making the Iron Arena software run as smoothly as silk would run if it was a bunch of code. He also has his own Templecon breakdown on his site if you’re curious.

The lads from Soda Pop had some sample models from the upcoming Super Dungeon Explore expansion, The Forgotten King. EXPLODING VEGETABLES!

The Centaur, Questing Knight and Princess Emerald with her sniper rifle are confirmed for the next set. There’s also rumors of an Elven Alchemist and a little Troll Shaman dude; models were on site, but Soda Popper John Cadice was unwilling to commit, despite my wheedling.

ANOTHER KICKY MONK! I don’t need a reason. This charming lad also scored a bonus Dragon Forge base and a 3″ LH AoE template from Advanced Deployment, who should probably update their website.

He dared – DARED! – play Protectorate against me, putting Feora 2 against my Kaelyssa theme force.

I’ll show him!, thought I, and hid behind a building and shot at him through it. Pew! Pew! Of course, he then did some fancy positioning and next thing I know I’m eating Vanquisher shots and burning…

While I was out haunting Iron Arena, the New England Privateers were doing their best to promote the charity fundraiser, selling tickets and generally being nifty. This being the first time we’ve tried the prize model we used, I was nervous about how well it would be received by the community, and then this fellow embraced the spirit of the fundraiser and dropped $500 on tickets to support Colon Cancer research. I was no longer worried, and was significantly humbled. More on the that later.

Broken Egg had their super duper trays there, lots of tokens and their absolutely amazing walls, but this was my first opportunity to see their resin objective models. Floaty rock is awesome!

Okay, this one requires a little explanation. A few years ago, Jamie (otherwise known as Northblade, intrepid co-host of Lost Hemisphere Radio) and a few others forced upon me a fully painted Stryker2 theme force. Given my general distaste of Cygnar, it was a cruel gift, while at the same time greatly appreciated. Forcing me to play a faction I hated for being filthy Morrowans? The only answer could be forcing Jamie to play Protectorate! The Titans we assembled a Harbinger theme force, and at Templecon we were able to deliver. Lonelymonk recorded the delivery, and Plarzoid has uploaded the video for all to see. Note, Jamie says some swears, because his filthy Morrowan tendencies have given him a potty mouth. Now that he’s a Menite, we’ll teach him to be more creative with his expletives. You can watch the delivery here.

We also made him wear the Yoda hat that Bobaferret sent, because ears.

While Bobaferret’s package contained many goodies (an Avatar for Jamie’s new Menite army, a hardcover Retribution forces book for me), the home-made Plarzasuarus was just plain sweet.

Noghannan’s one of the Syracuse, NY, lads that occasionally tramps across the border and plays with us at the Hobby Kingdom. He also helped make it very clear to me that my list did not have the required punch to take out a Mountain King. If I’m going to play Issyria, a swarm of Mage Hunters is not ideal. The game ended with my record at 0-2.

He was playing Ogrun Assault Corps, so I gave him a Kicky Monk. BAM!

Super Dungeon Arena is an alternate way to play with your Super Dungeon Explore set. The player takes one hero and two spawning points and you go head to head and beat each other up. There was a tournament…

… I won it… and now I’m hooked.

KICKY MONK! Awarded for playing Warmachine at 7AM when the bulk of the convention attendees were sleeping off the previous night’s shenanigans. That, and she was playing Cygnar, so clearly needs more Menites in her life.

… dude, I’m nowhere near awake enough to handle this… πŸ˜‰

This was Saturday Morning, I was uber tired, but dammit, there was gaming to be had. My first game against Butcher3 resulted in… Issyria being Butcher3’d. 0-3!

After the Privateer Panel in which we were introduced to Hordes Exigence, Cephalyx, Level 7: Invasion, and other goodies, the new Convention Exclusive model was revealed.


Next up was hot Kaelyssa on Kaelyssa action, in the mines. ALL the models shooting through the walls. The winner? Kaelyssa!

… 0-4.

Yay! Game with Plarzoid! More of the mines table, with Butcher hiding behind Conquest. Silly Orsus, don’t you know you can’t hide from Mage Hunters? 1-4.

Big Geoff is Chief #1 Pigeon. No, I’m not going to explain that, but I’ll make it clear that it’s not related to the sandwich. I *did* give him an Allegiant though.

Chadi is a quasi-local, and the loudest man in Warmachine. I was concerned because my list has trouble dealing with hard armour, which is of course Baldur2’s hallmark…

… but Narn delivered. Being painted in a pretty fashion will not save you from his stabby vengeance. 2-4.

Mike Plummer brought his personal Convergence army, including one of each of the Hovervectors, the Enigma Foundry, Corollary and Father Lucant.

Being one of my favourite people, I couldn’t resist when Mike said “Hey, wanna play?”. Amusingly, this was my first *ever* game against Convergence.

During the game, this happened…

… and this was the result 0_0

Kaelyssa draws a line on Iron Mother Directrix. Pew! Pew! 3-4.

Playing Protectorate! Awesome! Where are your monks? Oh, right, I haven’t handed one to you yet…

An Errant refuses to die and makes the free strike, killing the MHA that had a charge lane on Reznik,and then the Guardian comes after Kaelyssa. OUCH! 3-5.

Nom time with Jamie, Faultie and Geist. Lonelymonk was with me on the other side of the table…

… mainly because we didn’t want to interrupt the burgeoning bromance.

We had our own bromancing to do.

Super Dungeon Explore! Libby from Jamie’s crew joined in the shenanigans as I put them through the grinder.

Rich sleeps well and dreams of large gamer purchases.

Models started making their way onto the display table for the fundraiser. Kyle Stratford’s Raluk Moorclaw and Rover were occasionally fondled by the officiating New England Privateer crew…

The prize table. Even though there’s over thirty prize lots here, we were still waiting for more to come in. We had prizes from KR Multicase, Dragon Forge, Advanced Deployment, Tectonic Craft Studios, and a huge pile of pro-painted models from contributors as far away as Australia.

Another angle on the prize table, because prizes.

Dan’s another cool dude I only ever get to see at Templecon, so before I made his filthy Cygnarans cry I gave him a Kicky Monk.

We were momentarily distracted when this young fellow decided that the Feat Feet from Advanced Deployment were kinda awesome.

While Gun Mages have the means to circumvent Stealth, they have a harder time shooting through buildings.

To his credit, Caine tried, but Kaelyssa and her crew dropped the gun mage where he stood. 4-5.

I spent a good portion of Saturday camped out on the Low Tide board. Three consecutive games, truth be told. Turns out a Hydra with Phantom Hunter can snipe out whichever sections of the docks he wants…

… so we sniped this section, and killed an Eliminator and three Greylords. This game was Tier 4 Kaelyssa against Tier 4 Zerkova, so was awesome by default.

Meanwhile on the other flank, an assortment of Assassins were looking to mix it up. This game ended with a win for me, putting me at 5-5 and endangering cosmic balance.

Game two saw my SECOND ever game against Convergence. This one I won on scenario, putting me at 6-5. I’m pretty sure I heard volcanic eruptions somewhere.

Laura brought googly shredders!

Laura is another of my annual Templecon opponents. Always a highlight, even if she did tease me about bringing the Archangel.

Pincushion makes for an unhappy Kaelyssa. 6-6.

I took the moment to cash in some Iron Arena skulls, scored me the concept sketch for Una the Falconer.

“Faultie! Pose like a Crocodile!”

This man affected a very poor accent in order to score an allegiant.

Rolling like a buffalo is easier when you have a friend with a hammer.



Chief #1 Pigeon Geoff could crush Brandon’s head like a coconut.

Overkill also seems to think Brandon’s head has certain coconutty qualities.

The Citizens of Antiford take their cosplay seriously

Stubbs won himself a 120mm Dragon Forge base by singing a little showtune popularized by Judt Garland. We’re sworn to secrecy about the specifics.

Gaming Hall of Famer Mike Pondsmith! He took time out from the bajillion panels he was part of to host a private Cyberpunk2020 Bladerunner session, the seats for which came from the charity raffle!

Whilst playing I heard this gent explaining to his opponent that he likes to build lists based on models that looked cool, rather than prioritizing competitiveness. Approved, have a kicky monk!

If you let Kaelyssa strip your Fury and you then get charged by a Manticore, you’re going to have a bad time. 7-6

Harkening back to my very first Templecon, a game on the old Holloway Colossal scenario board!

Sadly, Kaelyssa flubbed the assassination, and then got her noggin smooshed by the scenario colossal. 7-7

Sunday morning, and JohnnyFoodmaster lives up to his name. BAKED GOODS FOR BREAKFAST!

While talking to Suspendinator, who had an awesome Vyros2 theme force, it turned out that he’d won some Servitors from one of the “Chinese Food Boxes”… so I gave him one of the few Non-Allegiant models I had in my pockets. Now he has Axis, and has no idea what to do with it.

Tier 3 Vyros vs Tier 4 Kaelyssa. Prediction: Retribution to win.

I was right! Vyros comes out of nowhere, and next thing I know I’m 7-8.

Despite his win, Suspendinator was sadfaced that he didn’t get to play against Northblade. I, clearly, am no Northblade, for I believe in pants.

Quick side snap of Stryker3, as being played by PP’s Lyle Lowery.

Tectonic Craft Studio‘s stuff was just amazing to look at. Very nifty.

Plarzoid and I got in a little Netrunner while we had a breather. Two games, one win each. Balance. Ommmmmm.

Also scored the Ironstrike concept art, with which I plan to lure Boots out of hiding.

I then had the… fortune?? to play against Will Schick’s Cryxian army led by Goreshade, Lord of Ruin. Bane Cavalry on one flank, a wall of stealthy armour on the other. Yeesh. I decided to stick with Kaelyssa, since I’d been running her (almost) all weekend anyway.

Excuse me, sir, I don’t think that sword belongs to you. We’d like to take it back to Ios, if you don’t mind.

Oh yeah, Tall in the Saddle is a thing. 7-9, and I end Templecon with more losses than wins, thus averting the apocalypse.

Lost pal Natalie showed up in layered shoulder armour!

The Steampunk Fairy, granter of steamy wishes. Yes, fellows, that’s right, she’ll grant any wish you want, as long as it pertains to the use of coal to heat water, generating steam pressure and providing motive power accordingly. I’m not sure if arcantrik relays fall under her purview.

Travis leans forward to hear the little speaker on his visor as he listens to one of the interviews that’ll be released later this week on Lost Hemisphere Radio

Duty Free crossing the border into Canada now comes with a throne. No games though.

And there we have it, the Templecon 2014 Lost Hemisphere photodump. There’ll be more about Templecon later in the week and on the podcast, but for now? I’m a tired, tired bloke and need to collapse. Zzzzzzzzz

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