Bane Riders

Remember Soulhunters? Remember how much grief they caused, charging through buildings and generally being cyberzombiecentaurs and giving your good, honest, hard-working Menites a hard time? Well, some bright spark thought Cryx needed Bane Cavalry to ride around being all choppy-choppy and cursing (cover your ears!) and stuff… at least these guys aren’t Weapon Masters… but they ARE plastic Bane Ponies!

Bane Riders come with two different steeds and three different riders (2 of each grunt and the unit leader). They all use ostensibly the same shoulderpads, because it’s a source of cost savings at the laundromat. I mean, remember that time Hakkroth grabbed Skarknuckle’s boxer shorts by mistake, and then next thing you know the whole damn laundromat was trashed, and three fill companies of Banes had to wear the same socks for four days while the Necrotechs scrabbled to rebuild? Trust me, common shoulder pad designs are an investment.

The first of the two horses is a real go-getter, thrusting that hoof forward as if to say “Mine!” when charging into those filthy still-breathing folks.

The second of the two horse sculpts is the thinking Bane’s horse. Rather than just barreling into the first Cygnaran it sees, it’s bolting along the lines looking for the juiciest target it can find.

The riders are all complete torsos with separate arms and shoulderpads. The unit leader also has the added benefit of a second spine, this one with bonus spikes, that fits nicely into a slot on its back.

Keyed arms and shoulderpads (yes, despite my laundromat story earlier there are some differences in *underside* of the shoulderpads to accommodate the different arm positions) make assembly simple.


Lost Painter Nick tackles the Bane Cavalry between test games preparing for the WTC in Poland later this year. We wish him the best, despite his evil Cryxian ways.

Bane Riders are an April release from Privateer Press, and come in a handy-dandy box of 5 models. Haunt your FLGS and grab a box!