Plastic Trencher Infantry

It’s not really fair, is it. Here I am, 50% devout Menite, 50% zealous Mage Hunter, and maybe just a tad Kriel, and yet I once again have to showcase filthy, filthy Cygnarans. Oh the injustice! At least these guys make a sweet unit of thirteen Trenchers in plastic, so no significant weight in a carrying case to tweak my old man back… Git offa my lawn!

The new Trencher Infantry kit comes with a full unit of ten model (leader + 9 grunts) and three Trencher Grenadiers.

Two baggies greet you in the packaging, and one just has the bases. The other? Well, I guess it’s time to start sorting components.

Each component is keyed to fit onto a specific model, but a little organisational preparation is still a bloody good idea. Don’t want to glue a shoulder to the wrong torso. Let’s take a moment to go over the poses.

Leaderman (That’s Sergeant Leaderman to you!) has the distinction of having a detached hips. I’m pretty sure there’s an microbacterial creme to help with that.

Joggy the Grunt comes with a separate leg, and holds his rifle across his body so as not to hamper the view of his chestplate, which he’s spent quite a bit of time polishing in the hopes of catching the eye of that cute quartermaster’s assistant back at the fort.

Throwy the grenade-loving Grunt comes with both legs attached, suggesting that he’s likely not related to Limbs-Fall-Off Man, the popular Laotian superhero with. That doesn’t explain why he has a tattoo of Edna Mode on his left butt cheek, but some things are better left unexplained.

Aimy the shooting Grunt likes to make sure he can hit the target, and only last week managed to bullse-eye a soup can off a fencepost at 50 yards. This may or may not be related to his separate left leg, which face it, appears to be an epidemic amongst Cygnarans.

Reginald Feinbaum the Grunt is very stern. His separate left leg marks him as another victim of the dreadful left leg plague that’s sweeping the trenches, but he bears it stoicly as hunches slightly forward while trying to determine which of those Flameguard over there insulted his mother. Given that Flameguard all wear full-face helmets, it’s no easy task.

Finally, Grenado the Grenadier, who comes in three easy to identify pieces. I say easy to identify because the third of those pieces is the backpack that is common to all of the Trencher Infantry, so really, it’s just a matter of grabbing a grenade launcher and one of the few guys with both legs.

Lost Contributor Autojack has red Cygnar, so that made him a solid choice to paint these guys if we want to (a) encourage people to come up with their own paint schemes, (b) confuse Khadoran players into thinking they’re getting Trenchers.

The Plastic Trencher Infantry rebox is a March release fro Privateer Press, and gives you thirteen little army mans that make up the core of the Cygnaran army, without adding too much weight to your transport solution of choice. Lob a 5″ AoE template into your FLGS and see if you can blow a box out!