The Invisible Army: Third Wheel

Hello Losties! Just a quick update on the Invisible Army. As promised, I’m slowly bumping my way through wrapping my head around the theme force. I’ve been picking up models here and there, I’ve even started painting a Spriggan, because SPRIGGAN!!!!! No other explanation is required.

I was fortunate enough to be able to play a quick game with those few sparse models I’ve got together (and by that I mean that there’s an identifiable piece glued to the base, such as Scrapjack’s right leg). At the time I hadn’t picked up any Kossites yet, so it was a simple 15pt list consisting of Old Witch, Scrapjack, a Spriggan, some Widowmakers, and a pair of Manhunters. My opponent tossed together Borka, the three light warbeasts from the Trollbloods battlebox, and a unit of Runeshapers.

Of course, Borka put up the wind wall so the Widowmakers’ efficacy was greatly hampered, but given that this is the very first time I’ve ever put Khador on the table, every game is a chance to figure out what the heck things do.

So the Widowmakers, who are the first painted models in the army and the test pieces for the yellow armour, shot a single Runeshaper to bits before wind wall said “Nuh-uh!”. This was a cause of some sadfacing for me – they’re painted, I would have liked to have had something to report.

I’m sure a few of you have noticed they’re not based… I’m awaiting some Aztex bases from Dragon Forge – I’ve decided my Khadorans are going to be on an expedition to Zu, where they’re exploring some ancient ruins or somesuch. That, and the bases just look cool.

Manhunter #1 got schmucked in melee by an Impaler, but Manhunter #2 shot out like a bullet and with two initials (one being a charge attack), there was one less Impaler on the board. Alright, little 2pt solo, you can stay, even if only because dice spikes seem to favour you.

The Spriggan was a rock star, taking out both the Axer and the second Impaler, all at the cost of some chipped paint. I’ve been aware of the strength of Khadoran armour from the other side of the field, but this was the first time I got to experience it for myself.

Avatar of Slaughter meant Scrapjack was able to kick Borka around the head a few times, but it’s no real surprise that Scrappy got scrapped. This is Borka we’re talking about. It’s going to take me a lot of trial and error to work out how to make the most of Unseen Path, I’m pretty certain.

Finally, the Old Witch herself… didn’t do a heck of a lot other than upkeep Iron Flesh and hamper the advancing runeshapers with her feat. Oh, and Murder of Crows? 5″ cloud effects are a thing, especially in an army with things like Camouflage and Weald Secrets. Oh, one thing she did do – Borka was around the edge of some scenery, but it looked like I could Gallows him an inch or two, into Scrapjack’s wreck marker, which would put him within advancing range of the Spriggan. I’ll do that! Says I, and promptly roll 17 on 3d6 for the boosted damage roll from Gallows, and kill the drunken sot.

Huh. First win to the Invisible Army by virtue of dice spike!

There’s very clearly still a lot of play needed before I’ll be in any position to provide any insight whatsoever on how the theme force works – and a lot of painting, since it *has* to be fully painted! Harrumph! – but the journey of 1000 VPs begins with a single focus/fury token.

Expect another update once I’ve got the Spriggan painted!

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    Not_that_one says:

    Looking hood! It’s nice to see some unique Khador – looking forward to seeing the whole army once it’s put together 🙂