Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter rewards!

Awhile back, our good friends at Privateer Press ran a little kickstarter for some video game version of Warmachine, or something like that. It was kinda a thing, and there was a lot of support for it, and people were all “Ooh, lemme back that!” and amidst those people were, well, myself and a bunch of other Losties. While my own Kickstarter reward package hasn’t yet arrived, Pal Nick’s did, and he said “Here, Chris, take some photos for the blog!” and I was all over that like a dirty shirt. You get to see the end results.

The sparkliest things to come out of the package Nick received were the coins. Each is 40mm, so smaller than the coins we’re used to as release event prizes et al, but no less shiny. There’s a coin for each faction, and the Cygaran coin in the top left is for Cmdr Dalin Sturgis, with a tainted Cryxian version on the other side.

The patch is a lovely blue if you want to declare yourself a Cygnaran Journeyman. Sniff.  Why anyone would want to be affiliated with that faction, I just don’t know 😉

The dice are neat in that each side is faction themed. Mercs get 1, Cryx 2, Retribution 3, Protectorate 4, Khad0r 5, and the Cygnaran swan dominates the 6.

For the cardfloppers among us, each of the Juniors is presented for High Command. Their feats aren’t as powerful as those of the full warcasters, but given that they have a Rush cost of 0, I’ll take it.

Sturgis comes with both Cygnaran and Cryxian cards, and Elara and Gastonne present us with a bit of a pickle in that they’re aligned with factions for which we don’t yet have decks.



Sorry about that.

Tristan Durant, handsome sod that he is, comes in six pieces, and assembles heroically as befits an agent of Menoth.

Andrei Malakov is a mere three pieces, showcasing the efficiency employed by Khadoran engineers who have, for generations, had to make do with less resources than the more prosperous southern nations.

Allison Jakes is four pieces of stabbiness; bonus internetz points to the first person to post a pic of her paired with her Ironclad “Bunker” as portayed in the Rites of Passage anthology many kickstarter supporters have already received (and which will be available to the rest of the reading world through Skull Island Expeditions soon)

Gastonne Cross rivals Allison Jakes for stabbiness, but earns bonus points for being a sneaky sod. When you see a guy with dueling knives, you expect his specialty to be melee… but then he pulls out Gypsy’s Kiss and shoots you. Bam! Sneaky.

Elara may be Tyro of the Third Chamber, but that title comes with the additional burden of having more components than any of the other Juniors, and delicate connection points. She may well be the blade duelist that Gastonne’s pretending to be.

Dalin Sturgis comes with  more pieces than Elara, but let’s be fair, that’s because you can build him as either a Cygnaran or a Cryxian. You have a choice of heads, backpack and polearm, but that left arm piece? Cygnar and Cryx both acknowledge their dependence on it. ALL HAIL THE LEFT ARM PIECE.

Now, the more astute among you may have realised that we don’t have a pic of Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius, up there. Well, Pal Nick was eager and wanted to start painting him, so snapped a cellphone pic of his components…

… which also conveniently shows us the obverse side of the coins…

And then he painted him!

Now, what if you didn’t back the Kickstarter? How will you get your mitts on these awesome models? Well, sadly, you can’t unless you find someone selling them through the secondary market… but never fear! These are all exclusive sculpts, but there will be different sculpts of each released for general consumption in the near future.