Moonhound, Rotterhorn, and friend

May is a very special month for Circle Orboros players, with the release of the third Griffon and third Argus models. Both the Rotterhorn Griffon and the Argus Moonhound bring new tricks to the table for the druids as they try to safeguard the ley lines from those disruptive Cyrissists… but the Convergence is on the move as well, and we finally have the Mitigator available for single purchase as well. We’ve looked at the Mitigator’s components before, but let’s take a look at the Moonhound and Rotterhorn…

First up, the dirty bird. The Rotterhorn shares a number of components with the other Griffons, with the two unique components being the head and wings. Add in all the other bits and you have an eight piece plastic kit.

The head is one of my favourite plastic components we’ve seen from Privateer. It’s just so indignantly outraged at whatever it is you just did. HOW DARE YOU! I’MA BITE YO HEAD OFF!

The other component to note is the wings. The Scarsfell Griffon and Razorclaw both have their wings splayed out, essentially a flat plane of feathers. The Rotterhorn’s less of a showoff, and his wings curve in accordingly.


Lost Painter Solon’s applied his gentle brush to this shrieking warbeast, and I fear he has designs on using it against me sometime…

Unlike other Argus, whose heads come into two separate components to accommodate the longer muzzles, the Moonhound’s head is a single piece. The body is also a single piece, making for a two part model. I wonder if I can figure out how it goes toether.

Yup, much like the other Argus, the head just pops in. Phew! I was worried it was going to be tricky. There’s some mold lines to be carved on, but where it runs along armour detail it follows the edges of the plating,  making it not too difficult of a chore.

The Moonhound’s ability to not only strip Stealth off of targets but to also Mark the targets to make them even mode susceptible to incoming fire makes me wonder what’s in the wings for the Circle gunline…


Lost Painter Solon happily added the Moonhound to his Argus Arsenal. I have to wonder, with two heads, does it eat more than a regular dog? Does it make just as much of a mess in my backyard?


The last of the small-box releases this month is the Mitigator. As mentioned, we’ve already touched on the components et al back in our Convergence of Cyriss battlebox review, but in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like, here’s Solon’s, in all it’s razor-bola-flinging glory.

The Rotterhorn Griffon, Argus Moonhound and Mitigator are all May releases from Privateer press. Each has the potential to make your opponents pout. Knock ‘em dead.

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  1. Nice color scheme. I particularly love the way the Argus turned out in those colors.