Circle Orboros Satyr Heavy Warbeast Kit

It’s interesting to me to see factions grow and develop, adding different components to their arsenal of options. The Gnarlhorn Satyr was (and still is) a model that I loved when it was added to the Circle Orboros. The Shadowhorn- or Judo Goat as I like to think of it – added a new twist, but the addition of the Riphorn – three P+S16 initial attacks, people – may have caused a more significant stir amongst the druids than its predecessors.

It’s Goat Time!

As with each of the plastic kits, there’s a metric craptonne of components hidden within that little cardboard box. Let’s sort ’em out into shared components, and components for each individual Satyr…

Now, I would have originally declared this to be the shared components pic, but I realised after the fact that the upper left component – the waist bandages – are only for the Shadowhorn, which has a longer torso than the Gnarlhorn and Riphorn. Oop!

We can state for certain that the legs, front and back loincloth, and chest are shared though.

The shared components go together easily, and while there’s some tags to be clipped off here and there, I was pretty happy with the lack of prominent mould lines.

Next, individual Satyr components!

The Shadowhorn actually has eight specific components, if we include the aforementioned waist bandages. While there’s some piece cleanup needed, the mould lines do NOT criss-cross all over the armour plating.

The horns go on the head, the arms go on the shoulders, and look like so. The connection seams are well masked by armour, and the pieces fit together like they… were… made… to… okay, they got it right. 😉

The Gnarlhorn has a similar component count to the Shadowhorn – Head, horns, upper arms, forearms. This time there is a small mould line crossing the shoulder armour – use a sharp knife to clean it up.

The Gnarlhorn doesn’t have head armour to mask where the horns join, but once the components are cleaned up the fit is nice and tight.

The Riphorn adds a few extra components with a double-layered left shoulderpad, and the bladed gauntlets are a separate component to the forearms.

The horns make the Riphorn one of the taller models in the Circle Orboros, and you’ll need to plan your foam accordingly.


And finally, the Riphorn Satyr, as painted by Lost Crew Painter Solon! You may notice that Solon made the same mistake I did and included the waist wrappings… but that just means the model is even taller and more imposing, especially as it stomps down on one of Deathjack’s claws.

The Satyr Heavy Warbeast kit releases this month to join your Circle Orboros armies for Privateer Press’ Hordes. Consider haranguing your local FLGS. Now. I’ll wait.