I love me the Avatar of Menoth. I shake my fist at the Deathjack. I frown meaningfully at the Thunderhead, and the Behemoth makes me wish I had some industrial strength corks to plug those cannon barrels. The four core factions have long had that one character warjack that’s embodied an aspect of their factions, now it’s time for the Iosans to grab their piece of the pie. Ladies and Gentlemen, Imperatus has landed.

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a fresh pile of bits. This is the first time we’re seeing a Retribution heavy myrmidon with metal components, though we’ve also got some crisp resin components as well.

Laying them all out reveals an 18 piece part count.

Shaped pegs on the hips will help align the legs properly, though it should be noted that the right leg (on the left in this pic) is two pieces, and I’d strongly suggest pinning it. The contact point isn’t enormous, because of high falutin’ Iosan technology that the nations of man wish they could master.

The two… well, loin banners, I guess, attach on either side of the traditional Iosan myrmidon codpiece. There are shaped grooves for them to slot into, no worries.

The resin chestpiece does wonders to lighten the final weight of the model, though as with every myrmidon I do generally advise pinning the head in place.

I’ve been referring to them alternately as both fins and wings. Once you’ve clipped off the resin flashing the two struts will align nicely into the back grooves, though I did shave mine down a little further to allow for a more snug fit across the back.

The upper and lower arms are clearly identified, so as to ensure you end up with arms at the right angles and with the correct side of the armour plating facing outwards.

For the swords, though, you’re going to have to rely on the traditional method of looking to see where the thumbs are. I must say, having blades in this style in metal is pretty sweet.

Finally, the shoulderpads. After years of smooth curvature, Imperatus breaks the Iosan shoulder mold with layered bands and nodes all over the place. If these every become available on the parts store I can envision redoing my entire heavy myrmidon arsenal…


Who’s got the turkey? I’ve got the carving knives! While I wanted Imperatus to share the oranges that are dominant on my other myrmidons, I wanted to try something different, make it a little less prominent, ramp up the malevolence of Imperatus. at the same time, I also thought it’d be neat if his twin swords weren’t just two more metal constructs, but rather were made out of some mysterious material known only to the forgemasters of House Shyeel. Either way he looks pretty darn choppy, and I look forward to putting him on the table with Incissar Vyros.

Imperatus releases this month, joining the Retribution of Scyrah and ready to wreak all sorts of destruction on the round-ears. Call your FLGS and make sure yours is put aside for you.


3 Responses to Imperatus

  1. Avatar Martin_Fierro
    Martin_Fierro says:

    He looks very Eldar.

  2. Avatar Kevin bryant
    Kevin bryant says:

    Really love your colour scheme Chris. Shows the details better than studio white

  3. WOW, nice color scheme! That’s the best Ret color scheme I’ve ever seen! I may have to steal that!