Lock & Load 2014 compilation

Lock & Load’s been happening all weekend, and Losties On-Site Tim and Natalie have been sending images and news as they’ve been able. While most of these have been going up on the Lost Hemisphere Facebook feed, they’re compiled here for those who avoid that particular branch of social media.

Caveat: This post has been compiled Saturday afternoon, so any sweet pics sent after that may not make the cut.

This is what the PP Store looks like before it’s raided by the hoi polloi 😉

Four floors of gaming, because awesome.

PGs goofing around at the Invitational.

Geist, that good lookin’ lad from Hand Cannon Online, puts models on the table during the Invitational. No word on whether or not he won.

The Privateer Press Pin Sets!-

And the flipside, the Promotional pins… and how to earn them! Also a teaser of some of the upcoming pins. I may or may not have to procure ALL of the Retribution pins once they’re released. It may or may not be a sick compulsion of some sort.

A little extra bacon made its way into the display cabinet…

Bagel store apparently thought it was a good idea to put the Cygnaran breakfast baked goods next to the Iosans… Mage Hunter Strike Foccacia!

PP Brush guy Geordie and Terrain guy Mike will apparently laugh at any Knock Knock joke as long as it inclues the word “cow”

During the show the lads at Broken Egg presented Matt Wilson with a (slightly) belated birthday present that kicked things up a notch…

For the record, no word yet as to when such as this will be available on their online store, or what the price point will be, but damn…

Lostie On-Site Natalie got busy collecting show-exclusive pins.

Recently revealed on PP’s main site, Absylonia2 is ready to rock and roll. I’ve stated elsewhere – I’m not a huge fan of the Legion aesthetic (just a personal taste thing) but DAMN if that isn’t an excellent piece of work.

Absylonia’s full concept art was on screen…

… as was her digital sculpt!

Yeeeeah… I’m gonna need some bug spray.

The Iron Painter finalists were surprised with Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws – affectionately known as Bearka.

Bearka! Also, Dozer & Smigg!

The studio painted Bearka also made it into the cabinet on day two.

One of the highlights of the panel video was this little gem. While it wasn’t expressly stated, the reverse grip on the blades has most of us thinking Garryth’s getting a new pal.

Speaking of new pals, PP sculptor Doug posted this little gem, Rhyas & Saeryn’s new pal that we heard about at Templecon.

Hardcore Master Craftsman was won by Marshall Reeves. With any luck we’ll see some closeups in an upcoming NQ.

Lostie On-Site Natalie submitted a Cephalyx for the P3 painting competition, covered in alchemical symbols. Creepy white head is creeeepy.

Glass reflection took a lot away from the model, but it’s nice to see Durgen enjoys a cuppa now and then.

Concept art available at L&L as Iron Arena prizes

And finally, definitive proof Privateer really do give a crap when coming up with fair and balanced scenarios 😉

Cheers to everyone who attended, much love for PP, and big hoopy thanks to Losties Tim and Natalie for bouncing pics and generally being awesome! Oh, and James Moorhouse? AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE!