Tyrant Zaadesh & Goreshade (resculpt)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat back and thought “Hey, you know what Skorne needs? A solo, right, that’s also a warlock, okay, and he can be protected by something like the Exemplar Errant’s ability, and he can somehow buff his warbeasts when they’re working together, maybe through a spell of some sort… Yeah…”.

Totally can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that, especially as Molik Karn was taking my Warcaster apart, or Cetrati were harpooning my infantry, or a Bronzeback was just beating the tar of of my everything 😉

Hey! Tyrant Zaadesh!

Six! Six skinny metal pieces! Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! (*thunder*)

Tyrant Zaadesh’s legs are missing his long, thick, dangly cords, but thankfully Privateer have provided plating to cover the gap. The upper torso sits in place nicely directly above with plenty of contact area, though a pin’s never a bad idea given the structural nature of the connection.

As swords go, Zaadesh’s Deathsong is a pretty bloody sweet design. There’s not much weight to it, so pinning isn’t needed here. I can see it appearing on many a custom conversion.

The Back banner pops into a recess on the back, and runs the length of the spine so you can get decent contact surface. It also has little rivets, which I would feel compelled to paint.

Lost Painter (and occasional Writer) Autojack applied his paintbrush to Tyrant Zaadesh. Did I give it to him to in order to distract him from his Legion and Cygnar? Maybe. I ain’t telling.

Also releasing this month is the Goreshade the Bastard resculpt, using the same sculpt as the convention-exclusive Rolling Bones Goreshade (clicky to see the original model review), but switching out the dice for the more standard Cryxian stream of souls/skulls.

Lost Painter TheGreatGaspy was only too happy to paint another model for his Cryxian horde (note the lower case H), and of course…

… he painted Goreshade’s attendant Deathwalker as well. I feel bad for the poor girl, you’d think Goreshade would have at least let her put some shoes on.

Tyrant Zaadesh and Goreshade the Bastard are June releases from Privateer Press, and will be found on shelves in your FLGS’s [ominous]soooooon[ominous]


2 Responses to Tyrant Zaadesh & Goreshade (resculpt)

  1. Avatar Jason Belsha
    Jason Belsha says:

    Zaadesh is a beautiful model in every way. I just wish I figured out a proper way of fitting him into lists.

  2. Avatar Autojack
    Autojack says:

    Zaadesh can do anything you want–he’s actually incredible. Watch what happens when you give him control of your gladiator, and together they hand out rush three times without taxing your caster’s stack at all. Or give him a beater with which to go all in on something, like Karn or a Bronzeback, upkeep tag team and charge something big, even perditioning it, enrage his bronzeback and send it at the same thing.. Now the bronzeback is mat 9 pow 21 on his fists and pow 20 on his tusks charging for free with five fury. Yipes.