UK Games Expo Masters 2014 – Photodump!

So I was *going* to spend my free evening this week putting paint on Imperatus, but when one’s field agents send you a ping declaring that they have photos of Kev Bryant and Kurt J Hanson – two of the most recognisable personages from the UK Warmachine circuit (one for being short and hairy, the other for being an ent) – in a compromising position, one has no option but to leap into action.

Yes, yes, Lock & Load 2014’s happening this weekend, but LAST weekend was the UK Games Expo Masters, and our eyes on the ground sent us a lovely package for your viewing pleasure… In the interests of letting me get back to painting, I’ll just run with the image descriptions provided by my little insurgent. I’m sure he’s CHOMping at the bit to see these get online 😉

What we’re here for, the UK Games Expo Masters trophy.

Kev Bryant did not appreciate me interrupting him losing at Love Letter

Warmachine doesn’t start until tomorrow but there’s plenty of free play (Eagle eyed UK Warmachine players may spot familiar faces here)

We got fancy banners….we’re not sure why or how.

Setup is done!

Day 1 and the Team Hull players are gathering.

Epic Flail convene their war council. Spoilers: It worked.

Chris Cawthorn briefs players.

Look, everyone’s X-0!

Some of our spot prizes

Round 1 is underway!

Kurt Hanson mocks us….distantly.

Phil Shaw, the EU Masters Champion, had a special table because of his injured leg…get well soon, Phil!

Adam Wilkie ponders a first move.

Kev makes his initial advance on Nick Langrick

And a closer view.

2013 UK Games Expo Masters Champion Paul North in action.

England WTC Captain Matt Townsend surveys the scene against Epic Flail’s Marc Williams

Alasdair Johnstone and Andy McBirnie in their game (We let Andy in after ticket sales closed because he asked nicely and it’s better than a bye)

[It’s Other Andy From UK! – Gday]

Potential day 1 spot prizes!

Rich Would seems happy about something…this can only be bad for someone else!

The first result of the Expo

The Expo floorplan. We were in the Monarch suite, the convention really has grown in the 9 years the Masters has run.

View from the judge table.

Judge Cawthorn swings into action!

An elevated view of round 2.


Local player Glenn Brunmar takes on Pigmar’s Jun Chan who we keep seeming to give all the Cryx to. Sorry Jun!

Perennial Wooden spoon contender Matt Flockhart returns with a bang…he went 3-1 with Kara Sloan and nearly made top 8!

Elite Cadre co-host Alex Smith illicitly deals in Bushido models (oh the scandal of it all)

Hull’s Nick Langrick plays Stu Hunter, not just at Warmachine but at a husky voice competition.

5Somehow I think the sign may have been misplaced….although Brett and Adam could also be looking better than they’ve ever been!

To get higher than Kurt for this view Alex was being lowered from the ceiling a la Tom Cruise

ANDY FROM UK takes on Hull’s Will Allen

[ANDY FROM UK!!!!! – Gday]

We had to move this one to a place where the judges could get easilly. We just guessed Jim Stark vs Paul North had potential for hilarity or fisticuffs, luckilly it ended with both players looking at the top 8 still.

Matt Townsend and Jun Chan have played 6 times this year despite living nowhere near each other. DohYou clearly likes their names.

This was a nicely painted Khador army…I cant’s remember the player, but the army looked nice.

Some convergence advance…somewhere. I believe they’re Shaun Price’s. Never mind, Shaun, you’ll get good with Convergence eventually.

Keraaaaazy angle shots!

Tom Fretwell’s gorgeous teleporting Circle

Mark “The Missile” Coultas. He qualified for the day 2 masters but sadly could not attend.

That’s a lot of people concentrating on the action right there.

A photo of the proof that Kurt Hanson really is the world’s SECOND tallest wargamer (Photo from UK National Masters 2013)

…but he’s still happy with second

…especially if he can drink and game

The end of day 1 Chinese Buffet

Phil Manwaring abused the Mr Whippy machine for this….creation

Day 2 and we have the full prize pool on show. And me.

Kev and Kurt face off in the top 8

And a behind the scenes view of that too….

Brett Wilkie and Jim Stark in the heat of battle

Paul is not amused we’ve given him ANOTHER Circle matchup.

Phil and Tom are playing it cool

The full top 8 view!

Jim’s feeling relaxed against Brett…he probably shouldn’t be. He’s forgotten what Befuddle can affect!

I had trouble fitting Kev and Kurt’s head in shot together here.

Phil feels sad about schooling Tom to make it through to the final four.

Jim Gradwell certainly seems okay with Kurt Hanson’s sinister advances…

Judging by the look on his face Chris Cawthorn has spied something fishy going on.

Kev Bryant is basically having a club game here with Phil Manwaring in the semi final, this displeases him.

Phil’s Trolls are on the advance as Phil uses his invisible tape measure.

Final Round now. Brett and Phil are ready for the off.

A mid-game shot of the final.

The two forces engage

Almost half the time gone, and it’s a shame you can’t see Brett’s icy Snapjaw up close.

Meanwhile in the team tournament we reward The Heavy Brigade for their efforts to come last with a pile of wreck markers!

Back in the final it’s getting tense.

Alex Smith watches on in judgement as players who are wrapping up come to see who’s winning.

Meanwhile in the fight for 8th place Kurt Hanson faces Jimmy….Kev seems happy too.

It’s a tiring life in the team tournament for Benj Hanson and Matt Townsend.

Now prizes! Getting the Sportsmanship award it’s Tom Fretwell.

2nd place in the team tournament it’s Hull Warmachine….or at least their stand-ins as they had to leave.

1st place in the team tournament goes to Epic Flail!

2nd overall is the previous year’s champion Paul North.

Finally, a NEW champion for the UK Games Expo Masters it’s Stannis Baratheon! Wait…no, sorry…Brett Wilkie!

Huge thanks to our rather ELITE roving field agent for the pics. It’s nice to have someone of this calibre in the CADRE. Oh dear MI KEttle is boiling… time for a cuppa… 😉

Cheers to everyone who attended, and someone lick Chris Cawthorn. I hear it brings good luck.

Disclaimer: Luck-granting properties of licking Chris Cawthorn may be entirely fictional. Lost Hemisphere takes no responsibility for anyone who actually does try to lick Chris, nor do we indemnify any such lickers from any potential legal repercussions.