Aiakos and Elara

It’s been a long month, but we’re finally knocking out the last of the Novice Warcasters. Today we scourge the Meredius (cos Scourge is more than just a title) and we Tyro the Third Chamber, but only just a little.

Let’s kick things off with Aiakos, who fancies himself a Reaper helljack, without all that finicky cortex stuff… Egad, imagine a mini battlegroup of Aiakos and two Reapers, supported by Black Ogrun… You could call it the Drag Kings…

Aiakos is one of the more piece-intensive Novice Warcasters… if six components can really be called “piece-intensive”.

Aiakos’ legs are firmly attached to his body. Unfortunately, both arms have scarpered and his head’s gone AWOL. We’ll have to do something about that! You’ll notice that huge unadorned spot on his back…

… Let’s shove a necrotite furnace onto it! Ah, yes, the humble necrotite furnace… it’s like someone said “Let’s take a personal, armour-mounted boiler and make it eviller.”

Square peg in a round hole? Nah, we got a square hole too… gotta make sure that harpoon’s securely attached!

And a punching spike’s just not a punching spike unless it’s longer than your forearm. Now, personally, I kinda like the bare shoulder look here, but…

… there’s nowt wrong with a scalloped shoulderpad either.

And of course, his handsome mug sits squarely betwixt those manly shoulders. He’s so hunky…


BONUS! Not one, but TWO painted Aiakos’ to show you! This one’s by Lostie X, who spruced up the base with a bonus skull…


And this one’s by Lostie Autojack, who enjoys static grass *way* too much!

Elara is all set to Tyro your Third Chamber in four components, making assembly nice and intuitive.

Look how graceful she is. She’s almost a ballerina up there! Especially nice for the street release version of Elara, both strands of her hair come already attached to the torso.

It may just be me, being all old and stuff now, but my knees don’t bend like that. Darn flexible Iosans…

Being able to straight-arm a round-ear with your whirling tools of destruction is a vital skill taught in the third chamber. This model makes it easier by having a nice deep socket the full arm just pops into.

The other arm’s nice and straight as well, but the weapon connects at the wrist. This one joint might be worth pinning. Now, you’ll notice there’s no painted Elara here for you to ogle; rather, she’s gone into the Lost Hemisphere prize pool and will find her way into a padded envelope, or being brought to Templecon to be given away as a prize for something nifty. Yay nifty!

Aiakos and Elara are July releases for the Cryx and Retribution of Scyrah factions respectively. Your FLGS is probably hiding them from you out of fear. Take them to task about that!