Dozer & Smigg

 Once upon a time, I played Trollbloods as I felt I needed to get my hands dirty with a Hordes faction. It was glorious, and I had many a fun game with the Ta-Ta Kriel. Grim Angus was my warlock of choice, and I fell in love with the nascent Troll gunline, as “non competitive” as it was. My favourite warbeast was the Dire Troll Blitzer, and Pyg Bushwhackers regularly featured in my list.

Sadly, finances meant I had to send the Ta-Ta’s to greener pastures to fund Summer shenanigans for my kids. Family First, donchaknow…

…. and then Privateer does this.

Dozer and Smigg come in a small mountain of resin and metal, with the body itself being one singularly impressive hunk of grey stuff.

There’s not a lot of metal components, but I’ve separated them out for you anyway. Hand, kneepads, head and teeth, stowage, and three parts that make up Smigg.

Seriously, look at the detail on that thing. No separate legs to attach, no loincloth – just a beautifully cast lump of resin.

This is the first of two gloriously meaty mitts, and the one that Will Schick teased us with on The Tweeterz awhile back.

The cuffs nicely obscure the connection point. It’s worth noting that as well as carrying ammunition, the vambrace also packs a blanket, for emergency naptimes.

The other hand is open and introduces our first metal component in the curled fingers. Excellent contact area, and shaped slot so you don’t put them on the wrong way.

As with it’s brofist, the open hand joins at the elbow with the connection masked by the vambrace. Note the convenient tiny axe if Dozer ever needs to pick his teeth.

It just ain’t a Dire Troll without a little stowage.

The head pops nicely into that semicircle we saw earlier, though you’ll notice the lack of lower teeth to nibble you with.

Oh, there we go. The entire lower row of teeth is a single piece, a significant improvement on the old metal Mauler, where only the two edge fangs were separate, leading to many a Mauler looking like he owed his dentist an apology.

Of course, Dozer needs some spiky kneecaps which which to inflict grievous bodily harm on any nearby Titans…

Smiggs mans the purloined Destroyer cannon, which mounts on the back by means of a knob. Knobby knob. Not Nobby Nobbs, who is busy in Ankh-Morpork right now.

Now, when it comes to assembling Smigg, you have three components. The body will stand on a small platform, joined at the ankles, while the right hand holds onto the cannon’s chain.

The platform mounts neatly between Dozer’s shoulder blades…

… and the ends of the chain socket nicely on wither side of the cannon. Put it all together, and what do you get?

RAWR! Dozer and Smigg, as painted by local dude-who-I-talked-into-committing-to-Gunnbjorn TheGreatGaspy!

Dozer and Smigg are a July release from Privateer Press, and are keen to make your Trollbloods list more asplodey. Swing by your FLGS and say “Hey, I want to make things blow up more with my Trolls!” and they’ll likely get you one.