Game Summit 2014

The other week I got a ping from an Aussie gamer who was planning a North American invasion and was pondering what was going on in Canada that equates to a gaming convention. Now, we don’t have a GenCon or the like per se, and I think that’s in large part due to the proximity of the American convention circuit, but then I get asked to spread the word about this little gem, and I’m happy to be able to do so. 

Behold the WM/H press release for Game Summit 2014

Primary link:
Dates: Sept 27-28 2014
Event tickets: Linky
What’s the deal? 64 seat masters, 32 seat youngbloods, Spelldraft and High Command. If you’re attending Warmachine events, your convention badge is free.


This year the Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club (OGWC) along with Game Summit will be holding one of the largest tournament for Warmachine and Hordes in Canada. With more than a 170 players over two days of gaming this year’s Game Summit looks like it will be bigger than ever.

Game Summit launched in Fall 2008 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, was the first of many Game Summit events, opening the doors to table-top gamers of all kinds. Since then, each event has offered plenty of space for board gamers and more serious hobbyists to play table-top games, shop, and attend painting clinics and information sessions.

Game Summit’s target demographic ranges from hardcore gamers to casual gamers from ages 7 and up. The event is held in February to help fight the winter blues. It’s our hope to evolve and expand the scope of Game Summit through successive events, to include a wider variety of games and ultimately make a place for everyone who enjoys them. Our 2014 event offers four times more space than ever before and introduces our largest Marketplace yet; with over 70 exhibitors selling games and all things geek. We’re expecting more than 2,000 attendees.

The Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club is Ottawa’s Privateer Press gaming community. Our goal is to help keep the gaming community expanding and thriving in our nation’s capital. We also work with local game stores and conventions in order to have more friendly and competitive events in the region.

The Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club (OGWC) unlike other clubs, isn’t based out of a single game store, we cover the entire region. The club started out, primarily, as a way to introduce Privateer Press‘ games to the Ottawa community. So, a few people got together and decided to set things up. It took some time but the interest built up and now we have a good member base playing all of the Privateer Press’ games. One of our main goals is to promote the hobby in the community and as a result, we’re always trying to reach out to find new gamers and introduce them to our friendly gaming environment.

The Location

Just minutes away from downtown Ottawa. By any standard, this new venue is as spectacular as it is impressive. Its sheer size, elegance, with its 55,000 square feet and 23 foot (7 meter) ceilings makes it the perfect spot for Game Summit 2014!

Once you have signed in and received your badge and handed in your lists we have locations for you to move your models onto trays, then leave your bag at the bag check so you wont have to worry about tripping over it during the events.

Our front desk staff will take care of any questions that you may have and the large projection screen when not showing live streaming of the featured table will contain info like your table assignments and the scenario so you don’t have to try and find a tiny paper pinned to a wall.

And don’t forget to keep your name badge visible so that your opponent can write your name on the record sheets.

Saturday Events

The Masters Tournament will be 64 players and will follow the masters packet at the 50 point level. We will have 3 PP Certified judges lead by our head judge Tim Banky making sure that all the judge calls are answered quickly and accurately.

The Young Bloods Tournament gives newer players a place to flex their muscle and show the skills they have learned. This 35pt Steamroller 2014 will run at the same time as the Masters using relaxed timing giving everyone the ability to bring their best game regardless of how long they have been playing.

Sunday Events

The FdB Invitational is the culmination of a yearlong tournament circuit at the Boutique FdB After 12 50pt Steamroller events the top 12 people will be competing in an all-expense paid tournament.

The Spell draft Event will give everyone the chance to try this new and fun format. Drafting the spells on your casters cards can lead to new types of fun and combinations you have never thought possible. Bring your 35point list and have some insane fun.

The High Command Events will pit your armies against your opponents in a card battle to see who’s strategy will award them the most victory points . We will be running two events to make sure everyone get a chance to play.

So September! Ottawa! Warmachinery! Enjoy…