Gastone Crosse

Good morning, Losties! It’s a new week! Monday, burgeoning with promise and enough lasagne to distract Garfield from his habitual loathing of the week’s beginning.

This morning we bring to you another of the novice Warcasters – arguably the most reluctant of the lot, forced to flee to the arms of the Llaelese Resistance thanks to the mechanikal hand cannon he picked up of an unconscious mobster…

Gastone comes in five easy-to-recognise components, which just reinforces why he’s on the run. The constabulary would recognise him anywhere!

The bulk of the model is, of course, taken up with Gastone’s body. Appropriately, Gastone’s armour – and indeed, his basic attire – are a hodge-podge of components strapped together in the hope of making something worthwhile.

Gastone’s arms, holding Gypsy Kiss, are a single piece that joins on at the elbows. His backpack/boiler slots between the shoulder armour on his back quite neatly. For all his woes and lack of budget, Gastone’s luck has at least led him to a model that assembles easily!

Gastone’s head starts as a separate piece, which no doubt pleases both the Llaelese constabulary and organized crime syndicates, but you can reattach it without having to resort to Cryxian shenaniganry. Just use glue!

While your at it, glue his knives onto his belt. I mean, you’ve got the glue open already…

Gastone Crosse, as painted by the every awesome X. I don’t think I really need to say more, it looks bloody awesome, as always.

Gastone Crosse is a novice warcaster for the Mercenaries faction (that’s for you, Kev) of Privateer Press’ Warmachine. Your FLGS might have him in stock, if you can afford his contract… and you’re not Khadoran.

4 Responses to Gastone Crosse

  1. Avatar Kev bryant
    Kev bryant says:

    Nice model, think it’s better than the KS one as Gypsie kiss is the main weapon

  2. Avatar lordbubonicus
    lordbubonicus says:

    Agreed Kev. I really, really like this version, whereas I’m not fussed either way about the Kickstarter one.

  3. Thanks for the review, glad you like him! Also, nice work on the paintjob 🙂

  4. Sadly i think i prefer all the standard sculpts over the kickstater limited sculpts.
    Great paint job on Gastone.