Lieutenant Allison Jakes

Why is it, no matter what I do, no matter how much I dedicate myself to Menoth and the Old Faith or the Iosan pantheon, I constantly find myself plagued by filthy Morrowans? I think I need to blame the Council of Thirteen for inflicting the Drop Bears upon me… it’s like a recurring curse, I tell you!

Today we take a look at Lieutenant Allison Jakes, novice warcaster and filthy Morrowan with bonus stabbiness.

Allison comes in mercifully few pieces, the bulk of which is, well, the entire body, including the head and left arm. I’ll note that her gun may be my favourite Cygnaran sidearm to date.

The backpack has the scabbard for her drawn mechanika blade attached and running perpendicular to the spine. The twin-exhaust backpack attaches simply and can be rotated a little to find a fit you prefer.

Her sword arm should probably be pinned into the socket if only because a component that long provides plenty of opportunity for being knocked around.

Aaaand then I painted her to join the Drop Bears. She’s currently unbased because I’m waiting on a shipment of Goth-Tech bases from Dragon Forge, but rest assured I’ll be transferring her once the bases are received.

Lieutenant Allison Jakes is a July release, a novice warcaster just waiting to join your Cygnaran force for Warmachine. Swing by your FLGS and grab one!