Turns out I know some pretty neat people. Okay, we knew that already, but every once in awhile something even niftierthan normal occurs, if you can imagine that. This time around I’m referring to the hulking yellow monstrosity you see above.

Those of you who’ve been paying attention will know that while I’m stil suffering from an acute case of FADOS (Faction Attention Deficit Ooh! Shiny!), I’ve committed to playing Khador for the Scars of Caen leagues this year, primarily using Old Witch’s Invisible Army and backed up with Strakhov engaging in assorted shenanigans.

Lostie Travis (better known as Autojack here on el Bloggerino) recently nabbed himself an airbrush and decided that a good test of his skills would be to tackle the Conquest that I picked up at Templecon. This Monday night just past, I was able to put him on the table and shoot large-bore cannon shells at Everblight’s minions, and in accordance with the smashtasticness, I thought a short post for you to meet the new toy in all its glory was appropriate.

RAWR! SMASHY!Not only is the Conquest a dominating presence on the tabletop, but since it’s joining the Old Witch and Strakhov on their expedition to Zu, it needed to be appropriately mounted on a base from Lost sponsor Dragon Forge Design’s Aztex series.

Aside from how using the same base series across the whole army provides a unifiying feature despite the disparity between model visuals (Kossits vs Greylords vs – one day – Assault Kommandos) one other neat thing about the these bases is that on many of the 120mm’s there’s a slightly raised feature. If you’re like me and you’ve assembled your Colossal and the feet aren’t 100% square flat to the ground, this means you can have your enormous war machine stepping down of the raised section. Much like the Conquest is stepping off the raised portion, my Stormwall is also stepping down of a tiered stair.

So a huge thank you to Autojack for his painting efforts, and a tip of the hat to Dragon Forge Design for an awesome base to go with it. In the words of the young and hip, of which I am truly neither, totes apprec.