Faultie at GenCon: One last Photodump

My constant companion while I was roaming the floors of GenCon was none of other than Faultimus Von Durmstrang. We ate together, we laughed together, he… ran off and did shifts in the Iron Arena, and stuff.

He also sent me all the pics he took during the convention, with no notes or commentary whatsoever, so I’m going to make things up as I go along. I’m pretty sure I’ve got most of these figured out…

Channeling his inner Batman, Faultie spent his first night in Indianapolis perched on a gargoyle and brooding about how annoying it is that Superman gets all the powers.

Infinity’s Ariadna faction has Highlanders, and you’ll never take their freedom.

Faultie also found the #1 Pigeon.

Moar Star Wars minis ships

Rebel Aces may give you an A-Wing, but Imperial Aces has pinstripes on a TIE Interceptor. I think you know which you want.

Man-O-War selfie!

When coming to GenCon, it’s always important to make sure you’ve packed your trunk efficiently… Get it? Trunk? HAH!

Bronzeback Elephant has no time for my shenanigans.

This was the price list at the RAM. On Thursday night. And they were already out of Mediums. Who invited the skinny gamers??

This was how I made Faultie a happy man.

“To get to the other side! HAH!”

“Get it?? Get it??”

Judge Sassy packed more attitude in one shoulderpad than all three of her partners.

“Say hullo to my leetle frien’s”

“And then say hullo to dere big brudder.”

I *love* that the Gobber Drudge made it into this!

Gday: “Let’s get a selfie!”
Mrs Goldstep: “I’ma get me a piece of that action!”

… and then they had to compare to make sure both shots were in focus…

Gday: “Yes, Mr Wilson, your thoughts on Plummer’s hat?”
Matt Wilson: “Well, looking at it from this angle, I think it needs a feather, like your derby.”

Gday: “Herpy derpy derp!”
Matt Wilson: (Save me from this madman, Faultie, and I’ll give you my marketting director’s hand in marriage…)


Looking at those stats, are we possibly seeing a Llaelese heavy warjack on the horizon?

“Let them eat Cake… wait, no, that’s not right…”

And then Faultie ended the whole thing by going somewhere with sun and a pool. Dammit, Faultie!