Gday At GenCon: ALL THE PINS!

So I’m not going to lie, I may have gone a little overboard collecting Privateer Press pins at GenCon. I’ve wanted to get some for, well, since we heard that they were coming out, and I’ve avidly followed the assorted Privateer Press Insider blogs that relate to them, but in the end I just wasn’t prepared for the niftiness. I walked into that booth, past guardian of the gate Nick Kay, and promptly boggled at the pin carousel and proceeded to load up my basket.

And then there was the trading! If you spotted a pin you wanted on a Privateer staffer’s lanyard, you could offer to trade any pin that they didn’t currently have, for the one you were after. This was key because there’s a number of alternate scheme pins that you can *only* get by trading with staffers. At GenCon this was the alternate Chibi Ashlynn, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Three full lanyards and a decent portion of satchel later, and Will Hungerford tweeted me at my… best? Worst? Either way, there was a lot of heavy metal hanging around my neck at the end of Friday night, so I thought I’d showcase what I ended up with once all of the trading was done.

Zombies! There’s a Zombie starter set if pins, of which the only remaining survivors here are Zombie Nemo and Zombie Thyra, but some singles purchases and trading landed me Zerkova and Gunnbjorn (possibly my favourite) and the harder to get alternate Zombie Saeryn and Zombie Magnus, which was released as an extra for folks who purchased an army bundle from the online store’s Summer sale.

Chibis! It may be that Chibi Skarre and Chibi Kaelyssa are two of the cutest darn things ever… which is why I separated them, diagonally, with Chibi Reznik holding down the centre. The Chibi Ashlynn on the right was the standard release with grey armour and golden yellow hair, and the one in the top row is the aforementioned GenCon exclusive, and has purple armour, light yellow hair and a purple streak.

Icons and Gobbers! Five of the RAM beer logos represented, including my beloved Sweet Retribution Pale Ale and of course, the kiltlifter. The Disco Team Gobber Commando is one of my favourites too, I wish I’d been able to score the Gobber Blaster that was available with a purchase of Level 7 [Invasion] so I could have them on opposite sides of a lanyard.

Warmachines! The core set comes with the four prime battlebox warcasters (Stryker, Kreoss, Sorscha, Deneghra) but I also scored Magnus and Kaelyssa. The Crusader pin is niftily enormous, and thanks to the staffers I also scored the alternate black-robe Kreoss.

I’ve always been more into Warmachine than Hordes, and I guess this proves it… at the end of the convention I only had the four warlocks that came with the Hordes base set. That said, I did successfully trade for the alternate Morghoul, in black instead of red armour/robes.

And finally, logos and somethin’ special.

The Retribution, Cyriss and Weapon Master logos were wall available for general purchase (the Weapon Master came with the GenCon pack), but the other three each have something special about them.

The only way to get an Issyr rank logo was to purchase High Command: Faith & Fortune… so I did. In my idiocy I forgot the get a Phoenix, but I have every other currently available Retribution pin.

The Level 7 Subterra Bravo Facilities Icon pin was only available to those attending the Level 7 event at Lock and Load. I cornered PP staffer Tony at one point and, like any good purveyor of hard-to-get materials, while I was perusing his lanyard he said “I heard you were looking for one of these…”

And then there’s Glow-In-The-Dark Pistol Wraith Caine. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into any details for the pin collectors out there regarding how how sought-after this pin is. For this one I can thank none of the than the Steampunk Fairy, whom I totally didn’t bribe with Tim Tams. Totally. The Tim Tams were completely unrelated… yeah, that’ it…

Privater Press’ pins have become quite the thing, and I’m both delighted and alarmed to hear that they’ll be having other exclusive pins at conventions like Warmachine Weekend where I’m now going to have to work harder to find roving Pin ninjas… Pinjas?

Now, before you all mock and jeer my impending neck problems, I should point out that a number of these pins will be doing into the Lost Hemisphere prize pool to be sent out to winners of Paint The Target, some lucky listeners to Lost Hemisphere Radio ep100, and maybe even at Templecon…


2 Responses to Gday At GenCon: ALL THE PINS!

  1. Must admit I was sceptical of the pins, not really thinking I would be interested in them. Then I saw the Magnus and Steelhead Gobber Halberdier pins from the GenCon2014 set and thought yeah I’ll get those! Sadly I missed out on buying them online 🙁
    Let that be a lesson folks, don’t dilly dally over buying these things when released!

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Not gonna lie, the Gobber Commando is a favourite. Kinda wish I could get a Gobber Blaster and Gobber Drudge pin. I have a Gobber Trencher here, but it’s a gift for someone 😉