Gday At GenCon: Cosplay Photodump

As anyone following the Twitter and Facebook feeds will be aware, I actually *was* at GenCon this past weekend! Hah, tricked you! I only managed to squeak in two of the four days, but it was an awesome experience in no small part thanks to Ninja Steve (and the Admiral) who played host, Faultie who played constant companion and guide to foods, and so many other very fine peeps including, but not limited to, the Privateer staffers who made their presence felt during my very first GenCon.

There’s going to be several posts based on the weekend’s shenanigans, including at least three photodumps, so I thought I’d get started with one of those.

I did NOT go to GenCon with the express intention of snapping pics of Cosplayers, and Lord knows there were dozens of excellent costumes that I didn’t snap any shots of, but here are some that caught my eye for one reason or another. Wheee!

Just for Lost pal Rich, it’s Aquaman and his (admittedly small) army of seahorses!


There were a number of Frozen cosplayers around, and I have a 12 year old daughter, so you get to see some pics of them. This Anna came with her own Olaf…

… while this Elsa came with her own ice magic! I wonderful little touch that made it just that little but more then just an overly warm dress to be wearing around a convention centre.

And then this pair tag-teamed to cover both roles!

I watch a lot of comedies – I like things that make me chuckle – but Mystery Men was one of the first movies in years that had me laughing out loud in the theatre. Yes, I watched it in the theatre. I’m old, deal with it. Cheers to this team!

Ross made me take a pic with the Soda Pop Cosplay team… yes, that’s it… These three were non-stop enthusiasm both days I was there, and it was a pleasure to be able to natter with them a little before absconding with Super Dungeon Explore loot.

This is one of my favourite cosplays of the convention. It’s not a particularly intense piece – no foam and latex, nothing requiring a cooling system, no flashy LED’s… but this young lady decided she was going to be Scarlet Witch – a character stereotypically statuesque in the comics – and she wasn’t about to let the fact that she wasn’t 6′ tall get in her way. She owned it, and was awesome in the process.

Alright, I’ll confess I have no idea about the significance of the costume, but the TARDIS wins all the things 🙂

Lego Darth Maul is just evil enough to sneak into your living room and scatter random pieces around the carpet in the dark.

It takes a certain something to pull off vegetation as an accessory. No, Faultie wasn’t allowed to eat it.


Alright, it was a professional booth attraction, but still…

Faultie was banned from the photo for not knowing who Terra was. The Teen Titans endorse Bartertown’s Rudy as their newest member. It may or may not be because of the need to be more inclusive, and there not being any old bearded bald guys on the roster.

Harry Dresden likes Starbucks. I would have liked to have nabbed a Jim Butcher autograph for pal Michelle, but I wasn’t really up for standing in line for two hours with several hundred Dresden Files fans. Sorry Michelle; love you and all, but not enough to lose THAT much of my limited GenCon time 😉

Black Widow also likes Starbucks, and doesn’t require standing in line.

The comedy stylings of Abbloke and CostHALO were too sophisticated for the audience milling in the hall.

Next in our collection of costumes warmer than I’d be happy wearing in a convention crowd we have a Greylord Escort accompanying Kommander Sorscha and a young Vlad! The family that cosplays together, invades Cygnar together.

Lostie Natalie – otherwise known as the Steampunk Fairy and one of our roving reporter teams – teamed up with some Infinity pals to defeat the Tohaa, including this dashing Line Kazak. I only got to hang out with these guys in a couple of short bursts, but each was a highlight of GenCon for me. Mark, you’re the man.

Being a NeoTerra Bolt requires a sweet ensemble. Mission accomplished. Despite the Bolt helmet though…

… this dude may well win my vote for best hat. League of Legends!

How to train your offspring…

These are not the cosplayers you’re looking for…

Cosplaying isn’t limited to the convention corridors either. We found Mal, River and the Doctor lurking outside the Ram!

After getting in touch with the early days of my geekery when I got to meet Margaret Weis, spotting Tasslehoff Burfoot on the street was a definite bonus.

We had Aquaman earlier, it’s only fitting that we also came across Mera!

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Beaky?”
“Meep meep meep meeeep; MEEP meep meep MEEEEP?”
“… your obsession with Alyssa Milano is going to get you in trouble one day.”

Succubus Vandella! Super Dungeon Explore is a thing, donchaknow.

From Polyhedron Cosplay, a Bastion Seneschal! This devout defender of the True Faith and his partner in crime may be attending Templecon too! I’m excited.

The other half of Polyhedron got in touch with her wild side this year. Aside from the awesome work on the plating, check out that bloody staff! You can follow Polyhedron’s shenanigans here: Linky!

Father and Son duo. Dedication means shaving your son’s head, regardless of what his mother thinks!

And then there’s cosplaying as your immediate boss. PP Quartermaster Will Hungerford, seen here side by side with PP Quartermaster Will Hungerford. Can YOU tell which one is really Dianne?

GenCon was a feast for the eyes. I salute each and every cosplayer. Your efforts were most definitely appreciated. I expect you to keep up the shenanigans… you never know when I’ll make it back to GenCon.  Also, dear Lord, the post tags…

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  1. Holy crap, Margaret Weis!?? And as my favourite character?? That’s amazing! Dragonlance was my intro to fantasy as a kid!

  2. Avatar gdaybloke
    gdaybloke says:

    Tracy Hickman was there too. More authors in an upcoming photodump!