Gday At GenCon: Model Photodump

GenCon is, of course, one of the largest gatherings of gamers and hobbyists on the entire damn planet. It was a delight to be able to attend this year, not only to try out some games, procure cool things, and see nifty peoples, but also to see model after model painted to superb levels and jammed behind glass for the assorted painting competitions. Naturally, I took some pics for you, but I have to give you some caveats before you proceed.

1. While I’m familiar with a few different miniature companies, I have no freakin’ clue where a lot of these come from, so I can’t provide too much commentary. Accordingly, not everything in this post will have the usual comment flavour that I generally try to offer to you, my beloved Losties.

2. The vast bulk of these models were behind glass when photos were taken, and the case on my phone is orange. Some reflections may occur, and the lighting in the pics was pretty much out of my hands. Kindly grant me some leeway accordingly.

3. Some image sorting has occured to group models from the same line together, but I make no promises because I only have so much time on my hands to get this done.

4. Pics were taken as opportunity presented itself throughout my two days at GenCon. There were many amazing models that I don’t have pics of. If you painted something cool and your model isn’t here, that’s no reflection on you or your ability.

Now, let’s get started with something that surprised and thrilled me – Arena Rex models!

Everyone knows the Platypus is a wonderful melange of animals making for an adorable little monotreme… Proximo, however, is a nightmarish conglomeration of doom waiting to end your miserable existence.

Tiet-Khebi mastered the fine art of ballet with added slashiness.

A collecton of models that makes me wish for Kickstarter delivery all the more. *Love* Sven and Frigge…

This piece was neat in that the artist painted the model’s reflection in the mirror behind her. Of course, I took the photo at the wrong damn angle, but then the reflection was reversed anyway, so saving grace..


That said, spotting some displayed on a Broken Egg board made me smile. Lost Hemisphere appreciates our sponsors 🙂

It’s been an awfully long time since I looked at GW models, but Queek Head-Taker, no?

This beautiful paintjob seemed slightly out of place with the horse riding metal gratings. Not strictly speaking an anachronism, but still.

Trying to get work done and the bloody cats won’t stop bumping  your quill? I know that feels, bro.

I knew a girl with hair like this once. She didn’t carry a katana though, so there’s that.

I think it’s the rug that really sets this crew off.

Consult the Book of Armaments!

SDE! Like any good Super Dungeon Explore player, this artist painted his Star Guild Sapper with a red bandanna. No, no, he’s defintitely not named Mario.

The Herald of Vulcanis is one of my favourite SDE models, if only because I’m happy with the paintjob on mine. I was happy to see someone else embrace the Vulcanic Love.

You know, I’ve owned Von Drakk’s Manor since release, but I’ve yet to put the Nocturne on the table. Clearly, I need to correct that, and introduce the heros to bitey death.

When choosing basing for your undead pirate, oversize barrels of grog are the option chosen my 9 out of 10 dentists. The other one prefers carrot juice. We don’t talk to him. Weirdo.

Oh my God! They’re full of stars!

I didn’t have much of a must-have shopping list at GenCon, but nabbing the SDE versions of the Relic Knights heroes was right up there. Malya, One Shot, Sebastien and Kisa look ready to thwart the Consul. Speaking of Relic Knights…

From the Noh vs Black Diamond diorama at Soda Pop’s booth

Ugh. The phone’s reflection messed with this one. Shame, really. The giant purple armoured spike worm was pretty sweet.

ED209’s been taking steroids.

IDRIANS! I instantly love this diorama, which was on display at Privateer’s booth.

RAM models in a row

I’m told I need to play Skorne now, and that this shall be the vessel into which I shall pour my venom.

Spear and magic HEEEEELLLLmet.

Bradigus Thorle wins on many levels, in the same way the Harbinger does. It’s a model with floaty bits that actually look like they’re floating. Superbly executed.

This Ossrum had a matching unit of Rhulic infantry on one of the other shelves. The Steelsoul’s just playing coy, I’m sure.


One (of many) highlights of the trip was meeting Mr Gary “Fool” Larson, a man I quite admire… and then he showed me his Retribution models, and I plotzed a little on the inside.

Who knew Cosmonaut uniforms were inspired by ballet shoes?

The Sun God demands a blood sacrifice, human… please, come closer…

This is one of two pieces entered by Lost pal Meg Maples. Much grooviness, it also took 3rd place in the Diorama category.

Meg’s other entry, this dashing knight, took 2nd place in the large model category! Very proud of her!

The Djinn of Djean Shorts, Stubbs, pulled out the freehand for Kaelyssa’s cloak.

He painted some Khadorans too, because he’s slightly more prolific than you realized. Just you. Everyone else knew he was prolific, but he totally had you fooled.

And then there’s Absylonia, painted in about 3-4 hours, by none other than Lostie Natalie, earning a bronze P3 coin! Le Woot! (That’s en Francais for Woot!)

There were so many awesome models on display at GenCon. I’m delighted to have seen as many as I did, be they professionally painted and on display in a vendor’s booth, or entered into one of the painting contests. Cheers to all involved!

6 Responses to Gday At GenCon: Model Photodump

  1. Amazing stuffs here, and Congratz to all the contest winners!

  2. Painting Rapture… Thanks for sharing, Gdaybloke!

  3. Yeah, this year was a really good year for the painting competitions. Lots of really good stuff in the cases (honestly, I don’t think you quite got all of it here- there was just that much awesomeness).

  4. Any way to bother you for some of those model lines? At least a few of those I don’t recognize that look great.

  5. Man, I can’t wait for my Arena Rex stuff!