Gday at GenCon: The Second Bit

 So the first part – posted yesterday – showed the leadup to GenCon and Friday’s adventures. Now it’s time to look at Saturday, and my subsequent trip home on Sunday.

As with any good adventure in which I am prone to take part, baked goods feature. This may be because of my superpower – the ability to subconsciously detect baked goods in the vicinity, especially around my workplace. No banana bread is safe!

I awoke Saturday morning to be greeted by LostHemiCupcakes, made with love and peanut butter by the Admiral herself. I don’t know about you, but to me? That’s pretty bloody awesome.

We followed it up with a hearty breakfast that I took a picture of because every once in awhile it amuses me to pretend I’m a hipster or something. I’m not sure if I even opened Instagram once during the trip.

Once back in the Convention Hall, I lurked around FFG’s booth (cos no way was I going to lose over an hour of gawking time standing in line just to get into their sale space) and snapped some Armada pics.

Also spotted some ships for the new X-Wing minis faction…

… but then I went back to looking at Armada stuff again.

Now what if you could play something akin to Descent, but with panicked screaming as you realized Darth Vader was chasing you down?

Imperial Assault might be able to help you achieve that dream!

I’ve babbled about the X-Com board game before. I’m still curious to see a game that requires a tablet or laptop will fare. Of course, it’s X-Com, so inherently awesome, but still…

In true FFG form, it comes with… ALL THE BITS! (dun-dun-dunnnnn)

If you demo’d Warmachine Tactics while at the con, you may have been greeted by this smiling face. Dianne was ebullient every time I saw her, which was frankly amazing in itself.

Simon was also on hand for Tactics, epitomising the ideal of speaking softly while carrying a big warjack.

Oz, looking resplendent in his Invasion shirt. It’s a real thing when the game IP you spearhead is on a shirt, and you get to wear it, and so do all of your co-workers. Cheers dude! I’d totally wear one of those shirts…

While I was making my third run through the PP booth, I spotted a wild Tim Simpson in the distance…

These things are mine. High Command is one of the niftiest things to enter the gaming market in recent years, and I’m delighted to  have the rug pulled out from under my Menite deck by the Castle of the Keys campaign… because it’s further motivation to build a Retribution deck!

TIMBER!!!!! Meeting up with awesome online pals is awesome.

For the gamer with a significantly larger budget than mine, these tables fold open to provide gaming space, and have individual fold-down extensions so that each player can have their own space. Kinda want.

It mentions Absinthe and Cthulhu. Of *course* I thought of THACO’s Dale Kunz.

It makes your shirt look bigger on the inside? At least they had a change booth…

Rivet Wars brought their own tank! They gave me a sword and a gun. It wasn’t arcantrik, so I wasn’t sure how to make it work.

I’ve been interested in trying out Kaosball and seeing what it had to offer; one demo later and I’d bought the Samurai team, and then when I got home I picked up the core set from my FLGS because support-your-local-gaming-venue.

SDE: The Forgotten King models on display at the Soda Pop/Ninja Division booth.

See? I *told* you my phone was orange.

Black Diamond are my faction of choice for Relic Knights. I’ll be cracking some boxes and painting some dudes at some point… when I find the time…

Nothing like travelling on the road solo for 9 hours, only to bump into another guy from the Toronto area. Steady here is one of the most excellent people you could ever hope to bump into, despite his faction choices.

Slightly more exciting was spying Mrs Goldstep peering into the display cabinets at the Privateer booth. Kimberly. along with her hubby Phil, are long-term Losties and it was super-neato to meet her in person!

Faultie met up with our NeoTerra Bolt cosplayer. We discussed how the armour components were made, and how the heck she could see out of the helmet.


I was lucky enough to participate in an Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed demo helmed by none other than PP Head Scribe Doug Seacat! More details on that in a later post…

“You think  you might be able to fashion a meat silencer for the rifle…”

“Your meat silencer explodes as the bullet rips through it, showering you with bladder.”

“You now smell like obliterated meat silencer. You’re welcome.”

Try not to fanboy out, Warmachine/Hordes players.

Level 7 [Invasion] is one of the best packed games I’ve seen in awhile. All of that stuff on the table crams into that little box standing up at the end.

You again?? We already posted a shot of you in the Cosplay photodump! Camera hog… 😉

Howard Tayler! My collection of GenCon-Attending Skull Island Authors was almost complete… Howard shared with me a story of how Tales from the Monsternomicon: Extraordinary Zoology came to be, and it amused me.

Meanwhile, Erik Scott de Bie eluded me…

Because balloons are scary

Corey is a super nice dude. I bet he felt terrible every time the Hydra destroyed humanity during a Level 7 [Invasion] demo.

PG’s gather en masse! GenCon hosts the Press Gang party every year as a thank you to Privateer’s volunteer corps.

“Will Hungerford” gave a rousing speech.

Again, travel so far and hang out with locals… Agatha and Ben were rocking their pin collections, and instantly became to of my new favourite con pals.

Plummer took his hat off!

He put it back on before Will Hungerford joined in!

And then it was a game… Dianne Ferrer, Matt Wilson and Will Schick got in on this action.

… but then Dianne climbed off her stepladder and Matt looked in the right direction.

All the awesomes.

While Ninja Steve had to go back to the Convention, the Admiral was nice enough to see me off…


Damn, that’s some good cookie.

Lunch at Cracker Barrel is also a bit of a Lost Hemisphere road trip tradition.

Eventually, I found my way back towards Canuckistan.

Herbie was keeping pace!

And eventually I was back in my own yellow kitchen and shoving baked goods at the Gdaykids.

GenCon was totally a thing. I’m so glad I was able to attend, and so grateful to Ninja Steve and the Admiral for welcoming me into their home, the PP staffers for accepting my childish adoration with grace and aplomb, and to everyone I got to meet and hang out with. You all made it one heck of a trip.

Now to get to work on writing review articles on all that loot…

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