Gday At GenCon: The First Bit

Alright, we’re going to cheat a little. The first few photos here are from stuff that happened before my Friday at GenCon, but they were part of kickstarting my GenCon experience, so they’re getting included.

Wednesday I was still in the office, and my phone  buzzed. It was a text from Faultimus Von Durmstrang. More significantly, it was a picture of his Press Gang coin. I was being challenged by text. It was 10AM and I was in the office, so Faultie was clearly hoping I would be coin-less and thus that I would owe him a beer at GenCon.

Dude, this thing lives in my wallet 24-7. Faultie owed me a beer. Also, I apparently hadn’t shaved that morning. Ladies.

Lostie Craigger (Lonelymonk) was on site helping set things up on Wednesday night, and sent me this little pic, warning me of what was to come.

He also started what was to become something of a Lost thing of taking a selfie with the Man-O-War with a quizzical expression on one’s face. You’ll see what I mean later.

Lostie Natalie was one of the first people to get her hands on some Everblight Ale loot. In fact…

She purchased the very first Growler. Us Losties, we’re apparently keeners.

And then it was Thursday morning and I was on the road! One thing to note about Lost Hemisphere road trips, is that there are three official snacks. Almond Joy Pieces, Hickory Smoked Jerky, or homemade cookies from the Admiral herself, Victoria Rizzi. Any LH road trip that doesn’t have at least one of these, doesn’t count as an official LH road trip.

Hey, America! I can see your country from here!

The Admiral was the first Indianapolis native to greet me.

Ninja Steve wasn’t too far behind.

Now, I couldn’t get into the convention on Thursday night because I only had passes for Friday and Saturday, but Ninja Steve grabbed Cromusz and we hit up the Ninja Division Pizza Party.

And then we found a Faultie!

And then Ross wanted to be in the manwich!

Shots may have occurred…

And I got to meet Montreal model and Soda Pop regular Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. We chatted about visiting Australia, because that’s apparently a topic I’m conversant in.

Afterwards we hit the Ram, Privateer’s Pub Central during GenCon.

Purchases were made!

Behold yon bannerage.

Behold further bannerage.

HEAP!!!! We had, coincidentally, heaps of fun, in no small part due to…

Tony, who was having his bachelor party! Gratz on the impending nuptials, dude!

He was appropriately chaperoned, don’t worry.

“Hmm… I wonder if I can get in on one of those Gday Yells A Lot Selfies…”

YEP! We found Ken. He was tired, but didn’t smell of blue cheese. This time.

My first sighting of the Convention Centre, as we went to track down my passes.

Finally, it’s Friday! The Admiral went and procured a traditional American breakfast of fried sugary bread.

And then we went to GenCon…

Large scale Robo Rally using remote controlled Mindstorm robots!

Aeryn Rudel is one smooth dude. Demi-rims and a shaved pate? I can dig it. For those confused you can tell us apart because he has earrings.

I found Plummer!!! The one guy I really wanted to surprise. “What are you doing here??” was great to hear.

Within moments I’d spent way too much (hah!) on Privateer Pins, and traded for Alternate Kreoss and Alternate Morghoul.

The Man-O-War selfie occurred.

Then I started roaming the floor….

Krosmaster Arena has cute figures. I confess, I was a little tempted.

Free Promo, you say? No, I must resist…

Robotech things were happening on a pretty sweet cityscape.

These dudes were all hiding in the corner though. They must have sassed their mothers.

Anyone feel their inner child geeking out a bit?

Anyone feel their inner hobbyist geeking out a bit?

Oh yeah, and there were bad guys too…

And fiiiine, you can paint them too if you wanna…

Um… Crap, that’s a lot of stuff in that box.

Pretty display models were pretty.

I turned a corner and saw a sign saying “Margaret Weis”. I blinked. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was one of my earliest fantasy novels, along with Piers Anthony’s Xanth books and early David Eddings. I had a moment… and she signed a book for me.

It’s never ceases to amaze me how seriously some people take dice.

This beauty was waiting for me over at the Hawk Wargames booth.

And thus I made achieved my second purchase goal of GenCon.

SDE display table was also pretty. Pretty purple, that is.

Rawr! Git ’em, Angry Bear!

Ninja Steve was working the booth most of the weekend, teaching unwitting souls the joys of SDE.

Bas, however, showed me how Relic Knights is played. I was grateful for his time and his help in choosing which faction to invest in.

This guy just didn’t seem that happy to be here.


I made it mine. Will I ever get to play it? No bloody idea… but it’s mine.

BBC North America brought the goods.

I really wasn’t comfortable with where it was putting its plunger…

That’s right. You look ashamed, you creep.

I met Chris A Jackson! Skull Island Author #1! Super nice dude, and he promised to write more piratey stuff.

Yeeeeaaahhhh I kinda had to get the Issyr rank pin. It’s a thing.

This excited me somewhat. Lost Hemisphere began as a VS System blog. The fact that I nabbed this before FFG shut them down for breach of trademark (apparently FFG owns the term “Living Card Game) was a bonus.

“Living Large” means a different thing to Settlers of Catan players.

PP’s chief video guy Tony brushes up on his Zombie Combat Handbook before knocking a game out in the Organised Play area.

I met Gary Larson! I’ve admired Gary for many years not only for his boards, but also for his cosplay. His Stormtrooper stuff for the 501st is sweet.

Faultie and I were getting weary, but we hit the pub anyway.

Back in the gaming halls, things were afoot!

Ken was rocking his Lost Hemisphere shirt, like a good Lostie.

Your Press Gangers in action, people. These are the guys that keep the ship running smoothly. Note Travis Marg over there looking all officious as he types things. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t surfing Reddit.

Longtime Lost pal and Enter The Crucible host Mahu dumped some Iron Arena skulls into a sweet Grim Angus print.

Lostie Natalie found me! … and she had a little somethin’ somethin’ for me, if you know what I mean…

… apparently I have to paint Xerxis2 now…

Cardhalla was happening

We found Meg! She was entering her models into the painting competition.

The first official selfie with my brand new derby! Mark was a champ, and Meg stood on tippy-toes. She’s lovely, but her portfolio doesn’t include being vertically gifted.

Moar overscale Settlers of Catan!

Other games that I know nothing about were happening too.

This one had cards in it.

This one had more little wooden people.

And no, I really can’t explain the hat in the foreground.

And then I crossed paths with the #1 pigeon. Dude’s the man. And also the pigeon. He’s like a superhero pigeon man.

KR Multicase sighted in the wild!

Larry Correia! My collection of Skull Island authors is growing…

He was touring the hall with Steve Diamond, who promised me that he too will soon be a Skull Island author. I look forward to it!

Random other bar. Didn’t make milkshakes or have gravy. What the heck, ‘murican bars. Pretty sure this beer was not a valid representation of what liquified dragonflies would taste like.

HUNGERFOOOOOOOORD!!!!! (The real one, not the imposter shown in the Cosplay photodump)

MajorTusk did not actually have tusks, and Thadrin didn’t actually… have… Thads? Along with Travis “RUN ALL THE ORGANISED PLAY!” Marg,  these fine lads then determined that I needed to be the King of Tokyo.

I disagreed, and got myself killed. Alpha Male? Pfft.

So Friday yielded some significant loot.

This pile of Soda Pop Miniatures loot here? I’m not keeping any of it. Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool, you say? Lost Hemisphere Radio ep100, you say? Paint the Target, you say? These are things.

And yeah… there were some pins…

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