Hobby Kingdom’s Summer Paint Exchange 2014

Every year at my local FLGS, the Hobby Kingdom, we hold two paint exchanges. One at Christmas time, and the other during the Summer holidays. Guess which one we’re wrapping up now?

The rules are simple. Each participant provides a model they’d like to have painted for them. These models are sorted and distributed by our friendly local Press Ganger (some bald git with glasses), and then everyone has a few weeks to paint  a model for someone else. It’s a chance to cleanse your painting palette by painting a model out-of-faction, out-of-colour-scheme, and to just to something nice for another member of your community.

Behold this year’s results!

Ragman was painted by Gdaybloke, for TheGreatGaspy.

Raluk Moorclaw was painted by Crazyboy, for CygnarWarlord

Pendrake was painted by TheGreatGaspy for Thornail

Lylyth was painted by CygnarWarlord, for AndrewRox

Yuri the Axe was painted for Gdaybloke by Thornail

Horgle was painted by Valrus for MortymerXT

The Swamp Horror was painted by MortymerXT, for SmellMyFinger

The Storm Tower was painted by 49, for Crazyboy

The Archidon was painted by Azathor, for Valrus

The Bastion Seneschal was painted by SmellMyFinger for 49

The IK Rhulic Mechanic was painted by AndrewRox, for Azathor (Hey, if GW can have a white dwarf…)


One Response to Hobby Kingdom’s Summer Paint Exchange 2014

  1. ooh pretty Horgle. fire good.