Nephilim Bloodseer

IKRPGGday80Yarr, me hearties, it be time for another unboxing here on ye ole’ favrit bloggeratory, yon Lost Hemisphere. There be shinies galore reaching ye retail venue over the next while, and this be yer chance to have a look at the bits, bobs and doodads that do be coming with the Nephilim Bloodseer, the most recent of Everblight’s progeny to stalk out of the mountains and into the realms of men… and no, I have no bloody idea why I’m talking like a pirate.

All the bits? ALL THE BITS!

As with many of the plastic kits releasing from Privateer nowadays, it all begins with a torso liberally peppered with keyed tabs and sockets.

The head – jutting chin and layered armour all – comes as a single component that pops onto the neck key. Simple as that.

The left arm is a single piece, designed to lull you into a false sense of security before you tackle…

The Right Arm! Still, it’s three keyed components so it’s pretty difficult to mess this one up too.

The wings and spine spines (heh…) slot in side by side across the shoulders. They’re reasonably tightly packed, so unless you’re used to working in cramped conditions you may wish to keep the wings unattached for now.

Once they’re in, though, they look pretty bloody sweet.

The legs and tail plug into the lower abdomen, and your Bloodseer will finally have a means of getting around that doesn’t require him to flap all day.

Sockets behind the things allow for the lower legs to plug in, while the large hole in his…. um… well, let’s just say he doesn’t need a loincloth.

Lostie Autojack took on painting chores for this one.

The Nephilim Bloodseer is an August release and is set to make your Legion-loving opponents even deadlier. Head down to your FLGS and find out when you can get your mitts on your own.

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  1. Avatar Kev bryant
    Kev bryant says:

    Very nice been waiting for this model for an age and our club has a few lists that has had this being proxi’d for a while.