Paint The Target: July Results, August Challenge

Man, it feels good to be wheeling out this series again… even though, thanks to the editing requirements, it’s a lot more work than most of my posts 😉 You guys are worth it! I’m chuffed to show you this month’s participants. All they had to do was find models that you could only use one of. Character models, Unique solos, that sort of thing.

NB: There were a couple of entries received after the deadline. I appreciate the time and effort that went into them, but time commitments are what they are, I was not able to include them this month. I hope that the late entrants will not be deterred from future entries.


Our first participant is something special this month. This model – Dr Helen Salinger – is not only the first model from Bombshell that’s appeared on Lost Hemisphere, but more importantly it’s the very first miniature painted by my old pal Treville’s daughter, Miss T. That makes it not only a landmark model for her, but also a hallmark moment as she joins in her father’s hobby. Cheers to you, Miss T. We look forward to seeing more of your paintery in future.


Oh, what the heck, let’s crack out daddy’s model too. Pal Treville’s been a Lostie for way longer than he’d care to admit, but that’s okay cos I wubs him so. A second Bombshell miniature, Maelee the Mechanic must have a spare shield for her midriff when she welds.


My own contribution this month is Ragman, painted for the Annual Summer Paint Exchange at The Hobby Kingdom. This model will be going to Lost pal Brandon, and I’ll probably take a better picture of it when I do the exchange gallery. Still, I’m very happy with how the corroded cogs came out, cos basing’s a thing. Yay Dragon Forge!


Another entry from Down Under, LazyPeon finally knocked out his Captain Farilor. I kinda feel sad for him, what with his being a failed unicorn. If only he could have made his horn grow (a) straight, and (b) in the middle of his forehead! #FirstNyssProblems


Like any good Menite, GorillaWizard likes to promote reading and literacy among the huddled masses of Ancient Icthier. The Covenant of Menoth is full of wonderful bedtime stories, tales of derring do, and enough smiting of heretics to set your teeth on edge.


Oh, KevBryant… don’ t you know by now you don’t have to try to appease me by painting Menites? Mind you, I am a big fan of Tristan Durant’s aesthetic, I mean I much prefer the pose to Andrei Malakov’s poking his sword out to the side…




Daveholliday – who you can totally stalk at – squeezed out a Butcher in between obsessing about X-Wing Minis. Given the results, I don’t think I’ll be complaining. If I did, I might suddenly find myself of two minds, thanks to Lola… talk about a split decision!


NotThatOne breaks out good ole’ Horgle Ironstrike. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how painters have executed the gradient glow on the sword. Of course, now I totally expect a matching Slag Troll in a future Target submission


From Lostie Lonelymonk, survivor of CaptainCon, comes one of the most annoying models to try to photograph. So many planes! Thyra is one of my favourite warcasters and a beautifully intricate model. Cheers, Craigger!


One of the best things about restarting PaintTheTarget is getting emails from folks who enjoyed the series in the past. pRophaniti1978 is a prime example, even if his Saxon Orrick looks really mad that it’s taken him this long to get some publicity.


From quasi-local Antikidd we get Sylys Wyshnallyr and his amazing hipguard. Now, I’ve theorized in the past that the hip shield was to help balance books – he’s kinda a librarian after all – but could it be that he’s secretly into roller derby?


Continuing with the pointy eared madness, Thornail’s Lanyssa Ryssyl is decidedly unimpressed by the quality of your tilework. She’s blue, dah-ba-dee, dah-ba-dah, dah-ba-dee, dah-ba-dah…


Alright, it’s not pointy eared, but according to Witcho it hangs out with Nyss all the time! Man, where are Typhon’s ears? Does he hear with his tongue, kinda like how snakes smell? Can you imagine what it’d be like listening with your tongue while you ate pop rocks? Oh man!


D.Vader paints pretty things… and his Horgle Ironstrike is no exception.  A little wet blending, some OSL, and he reminds us why he’s won awards for with his Trollbloods. The checkered pants may be what sealed the deal…


Kovnik Andrea Malakov joined the Khadoran military when Sputniek decided that he’d rather have a female novice warcaster. As a fellow painter of yellow Khadorans, I approve.


And finally, won’t you take me to (duggaduggadugga) Jontown?? One of my favourite warcasters, one of my favourite models. It doesn’t hurt that he’s bald. I can totally empathize with Adeptis Rahn here. Humans still have hair?? Smite ’em! Hee…


Of course, with another month closing it’s time to declare another prize winner! Who’s going to be the lucky soul to receive a care package from the Gdaycave this month? None other than (*drumroll…*) TREVILLE!!! … Oh, man, that means I gotta pay for shipping to Australia… yeesh! 😉 Bounce me your current address, sirrah!


“It’s aliiiiive!!!!” In the grand tradition of Dr Frankenstein, this month the target is something that should not be moving at all. Something inanimate that’s somehow up and wandering around. Perhaps the Skeletons in your closet are out and playing parcheesi. Mayhap you’ve got a Weeping Angel in the living room watching soap operas. Are you under attack from a sentient wheel of gouda?

Send in your pics of non-living models to by Noon, August 30th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your PP Forum username! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end 😉

3 Responses to Paint The Target: July Results, August Challenge

  1. Avatar David (Not_that_one)
    David (Not_that_one) says:

    Excellent looking stuff! Already got going on my next entry…. 🙂

  2. Was that ‘Maelee the Mechanic’ model a limited edition model? Would like that model for my Khador Battle Mechanics.
    I really like the Rhan and Saxon models!

  3. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    I am indeed glad to back doing this. There’s some really good stuff in the thread this month. I particularly like the Horgles and Miss T’s entry is an extremely worthy first model. Well done all. Now I ‘ve got to think about this month…