Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages

Alright, this one’s a little late hitting the ole’ blogosphere, but given the sheer awesomeness of the model – we’re not talking a dinky little 30mm base here – I think it’s worth a little leeway.

Servath Reznik has long been a favourite character of mine. Yes, he’s no Amon Ad-Raza or Vindictus – hands down my two favourite Menite ‘casters – but ye olde head of Public Relations is a beast, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart… and then they put him on a chariot and he wouldn’t fit anymore, so I guess he’ll have to move down to my lungs or something.

Ladies and Gentlelost, start your chariots!

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages, comes with a handy-dandy assembly diagram, because HEY! ALL THE BITS! and it’d be a bit of a puzzler without one.

The contents of the box – here dumped out for your viewing pleasure – can be sorted into three categories: Reznik, Horses, and Chariot.

First up? PONIES! The two horses in my box came in a total of 5 pieces, because of that one leg. It’s unclear whether it was originally attached to the horse side, or whether it rebelled in transit, and struck out to form a colony of its own, free from the tyranny of the horse side and its hierarchy of stuffed oligarchs. Or was that stuffed olives? I get them confused sometimes.

Each horse has a couple of dimples to help you line the sides up, and to make sure you get the right halves together. We can note here, and in the next pick that aside from some feed plugs, the resin’s a pretty darn clean cast. Not a lot of cleanup required other than removal of the plugs and tabs.

The two halves line up nicely. There is a visible seam, but that’s not a lot of work to clean  up or mask. Yay! Horses!

Now let’s look at the main man himself. Eight components, one of them resin. Every little bit helps when considering keeping the weight of  the model down. We’ll get to that chain bit in a moment.

Reznik’s backpack reminds me of the Testament’s, with separate crowns on the exhausts, but it’s a much more elegant design that nestles quite nicely between the shoulders. I could see these components appearing on custom IKRPG warcasters who like ’em big and filigree’d.

Verdict, Reznik’s polearm, is held one-handed. As with any long piece of metal, you may need to straighten it, though the ribbing means you’ll have difficulty replacing it with brass rod without losing the detail. As P+S 13 magic weapons with Flame Burst go, it’s pretty badass.
His head also just pops between the shoulders, but I’m guessing you’d already figured that out.

Now, he’s one of the niftiest parts of the model, as far as I’m concerned. We’ve seen any number of cavalry models (and another chariot) where the steeds are just so damn well trained that they don’t need reins. Reznik’s not taking any chances and imposes the Creator’s will on his horses with a handlebar attached by chains to the harness’. We’ll move on to the chariot next and show you how that goes together.

The chariot comes with a lot of components, so sorting them out and knowing what goes where first, especially when planning painting, is a good thing. This is NOT a model I would recommend fully assembling before applying the paintbrush.  First though, as promised, the reins.

The reins themselves are two pieces – one we’re already seen, bring the handlebar that Reznik holds onto, the other being a straight length of chain.

These two chain lengths will connect to the outside of the horses, and be capped by a short length of chain with a dangly spikey ball to discourage any Cygnarans that get too close. But wait! How will I know my horses are the right distance apart?

This handy-dandy little crosspiece will rest between your two horses, plugging into the opposite side of the reins and keeping them sufficiently apart that lining up the reins shouldn’t bee too much of a hassle. But wait! How will I know they’re far enough forward?

The crossbeam sits atop the metal haft end-piece, which will join directly onto …

… the resin haft extending out from the base! Everything’s well prepped to make it as easy as possible, despite the intricacy of the model. They’re not trying to make it TOO hard for you, after all 😉

The resin wheels connect directly to the chariot base, all set to fling sparks and coals at high velocity as it thunders across the tabletop, and are capped with more Morrowan-discouraging spikes.

You’ll no doubt have noticed that while there was a resin frontpiece for the chariot, there’s no resin sides. Privateer’s done us a huge favour by making the sidewalls, including the penitent wrack residents on wither side, a single piece. Anyone who’s ever had the … joy… of trying to attach the censers to wrack models can breath a sigh of relief.

The side pieces fit on the side and provide a nice little wheel well.

But there’s more going on at the back of the chariot than just the side victims – there’s a third wrack and two flags fluttering along as Reznik delivers Menoth’s judgment to the unworthy. Each of the flags slots on to the side of the curved projection, upon which…

… the third wrack victim goes. It certainly makes for a busy rear of the chariot, lots of fine detail, and these are the primary motivator for NOT fully assembling the model before painting. Boggles the mind just thinking about trying to paint all three wracks and both flags while they’re all packed in tight around each other.

Lostie Autojack decided he wanted to tackle this intricate monstrosity, such that he missed game night at the FLGS _and_ painted all night _and_ drove to my house at like, 5AM to deliver the end results in a mysterious orange bag on my stoop. Yes, I have a stoop.

Isn’t he a handsome sod? No wonder he’s the public face of the Protectorate. Look how manly he is!

On overhead shot of the rear of the chariot, with the three wracks and two flags. Told you it was crowded.

There are two things that cross my mind when considering lists with huge bases in them, and thankfully, both concerns are met by our sponsors. One is carting them around the store (Hello, Broken Egg trays!), the other is getting them to the store in the first place. Accordingly, I grabbed one of my KR Multicase half trays – two of these fit side by side in my Kaiser1 case – and sat it behind Reznik for a height check. Reznik’s chariot makes it a little past the halfway point on a standard KR case, meaning there’s room to put him in there along with a tray of 30mm infantry directly above or below him.

Putting him on top of the half case (along with the Hyperion that normally lives in this particular case) shows that as well as only taking up a little more than half the case’s height, he takes up only half the case’s width, and there’s room for a warjack or two in front of him in the same tray. Clearly this is an indicator that I should be making a demo kit consisting of Reznik2 vs Lylyth3.

Hey, I didn’t say it’d be a particularly *good* demo kit…

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages, was a July release from Privateer Press and is available through your FLGS. If it’s not available through your FLGS, consider wracking a random staff member until it comes in.

* Note, Lost Hemisphere does not absolve you of any of the legal ramifications of wracking FLGS staff members. Use your discretion.