Exulon Thexus, Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges

It’s a Cephalyxapalooza today! Not only are we taking a peek at the floating cranium that is Exulon Thexus, but also the Cephalyx Mind Bender and his attentant Drudges. What more could you ask? Well, sure, you could ask for pie, but that’s a standard. I’d be much more impressed if you asked for pavlova. … … I’ll give you a minute to google that… okay, now when you’ve stopped drooling, we’ll get on with today’s show.

Exulon Thexus is a 12 piece model dominated by a gargantuan cranium flanked by spiky bits.

The cranium is a single piece of resin complete with a good selection of dalek bumps. It may be that in writing that sentence I’ve suddenly found something to make me want to play Cephalyx. Darn my inner Whovianism! The single mold line runs around the harness, and will be partially concealed by the metal components of the model.

The body itself is built from four components: The cranium, the draped robe, the bound torso and what may have once been Exulon Thexus’ original head. The robe makes for the base of the model, and much as with the Harbinger of Menoth, gives the illusion of a floating model.

Thexus’ withered body hooks directly up to the front of the cranium, and his head rests in front, masking the connection. All in all it’s a pretty creepy concept. I wish some other miniature companies would understand that ramping up gore and the skull count doesn’t make a model creepy. This is just nicely executed.

On the side of the cranium there’s three sockets into which you’ll attach metal arms, and two smaller sockets flanking Thexus’ shoulders will receive the smaller armatures.

It’s almost like he’s trying to be a tiny Praying Mantis and failing.

If you lay out the arms you’ll find that there’s two of each type, allowing you to have matching configurations on either side of the cranium. The ridged plugs on the end of the arms mean you have near complete freedom when choosing the angle of the arm.

Lost Painter Nick applied his brushes to the floating head of doom, and I’m sufficiently creeped out.

Seriously, dalek bumps. GAH!

The first new unit released to join the Cephalyx hordes are the Mind Bender and Drudges. I loved the look of the models as shown on the box, and…

… was surprised to find it’s entirely plastic, even the Mind Bender himself.

There are three bodies for your Drudges – two male and one female – and  a small selection of extra components to make each complete.

Male Body 1 has leather strips dangling to protect what’s left of his lower abdomen now that the Cephalyx have installed a stereo.

Female Body 1 has a cloth to cover her derriere, and each arm is a separate component.

Male Body 2 prefers lurching to protective leathers, and so has a simply loincloth. Oh, and a separate arm.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed, none of these bodies have heads or arms…

That plastic bag we saw a few pics ago is full of mitts for the Drudges, as well as the components that will complete the Mind Bender.

The hands are a motley assortment of left and right  gauntlets, and you have full clearance to mix and match to your heart’s content to complete your drudges. They all share the same size socket, so you can just pop whichever ones you like on, making for a series of unique models.

Take one hand, find an arm, and *pop*! Done.

Then there’s the pile of heads. There are three different designs, and as with the fists, you can mix and match to suit your personal preferences.

Shown here, the same body – the Female Drudge – with each of the heads.

Your Mind Bender is a slightly more complex model, but only slightly. Seven components make up this particular example of hovering malevolence.


The arms come together, palms touching. I like to think he’s rubbing them together Mr Burns style. The head pops into the neck cavity with room to swivel and pitch per your personal preference.

The armatures can be arranged with the longer arms on top or below.

Lost Painter Nick continues with his Cephalyx painting chores,bringing the Mind Bender and his shambling charges to life.

“Man, once I fished a spleen out of this guy, and it was this big!!”

“Hur hur boss, you funny man! We fall about in stitches! … … … seriously, these stitches have come loose, please come repair me before my arm falls off…”

Exulon Thexus and the Mind Bender & Drudges unit are available in stores now. Exulon Thexus thinks you should go to your FLGS and buy them. Do you have the willpower to resist?

3 Responses to Exulon Thexus, Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges

  1. Nice paint scheme, I am struggling to decide on a scheme for mine. Although I am not looking forward to cleaning up the plastic drudges 😉

    • Mine don’t seem too bad for cleaning up. Put it this way, I just pinned up a full unit of metal Croes, with 4 pieces to pin to each man, and the plastic Drudges were a dream in comparison…

  2. I meant to chip in earlier: I think there’s a plan with the way the limbs are positioned on the various floaty dudes. I think the intention was that you can quickly spot which type is which (slaver, bender, dominator, agitator and overlord) by the positioning of the spider arms. So I think the intention might be that you spot the mind bender because he’s got long arms low and short arms low, where the overlords have long arms high and long arms low.