FanExpo Canada Photodump2: The Cosplayers

FanExpo part the Second! This time we’ve got a Cosplay photodump. For those who missed yesterday’s post, a reminder: This was the Gdaykid’s very first FanExpo and the expedition was more about them getting their inner geek’s on than covering the convention for bloggeration, so they appear in a whole bunch of the pics.

Deal with it. I’m a geek dad and proud of my geeklings.


Our first coplay photo was of this other fine geek dad and  his little sidekick, and points to one of the highlights of FanExpo this year. I saw more little kids in costume this year than I have in any previous, and it just warmed my heart seeing all these youngsters proudly engaging in cosplay adventures. I salute you, cosplaying geek dad.

Both kids were still enjoying their hotdogs, but this time our more… Adventurous… cosplayers also had their cofee, so it was all good.

I may have geeked a little when I saw Beta Ray Bill walking down the street, accompanied by Valykrie. Gdayboy, at this point, just wanted to eat his hot dog.

Our first encounter with the 501st!

No disintegrations. I need them alive.

He may be a little short for a Stormtrooper, but he’ll make a dandy Jawa


The 501st’s Star Wars booth was awesome. This was the first shot of Gdaygirl leaning on something. She did it a few times throughout the day, no idea why, really.

Lost pal and super groovy artist Kravak slapped on the purple trenchoat and went looking for some laughs. Twas awesome to see  him again.

And of course, where you find the Joker, you find Harley. The couple that cosplays together, stays together. Hope to catch up with you guys sometime!

Thanks to Faultie and our GenCon experience, I’m cogniscent of Kiki’s Delivery Service!

The craftiest Dalek of them all. I love how her Dalek Bumps are crocheted!

She stood by the wall with her hands in front of her eyes… and when he looked away, she pounced!

The celebrity cosplayers were on deck as well. FanExpo, it’s a thing.

Another young cosplayer, this time Casey Jones!

Seriously, all the young cosplayers! Made me so happy to see them rocking their costumes.

I’ve seen this a few times – two completely unrelated cosplayers whose costumes just work together, teaming up for a few photos. Have you got the point that I love the cosplay culture that was on display on Friday?

Of course, the Gdaykids loved Guardians of the Galaxy, so when Rocket moved on we nabbed a pic with Star Lord for ourselves.

Two of the many Deadpools in evidence. Again, leaning Gdaygirl. I’m wondering if she’s just embracing how tall she is compared to a lot of her peers.

Of course, some of the cosplayers were just … Enchanting… HAH! I’m funny…

Moar leaning! I’m not quite sure how Spider-Woman fits into Nintendo’s Mario universe, but I’m glad she did, and is helping these three young cosplayers rock their nerddom.

Passed this one on the elevator and had to snap a quick shot. CASSANDRA!

Guy in the background didn’t want to self-immolate. While I completely understand, at the same time it would have been nice to have the complete Four. 😉

We ran into these guys at the Lego booth. Matt Smiths? All over the place. David Tennants? A fair share. Roses? Sure… but I can’t tell you the last time I *ever* saw a Christopher Eccleston Doctor cosplay. Each of the Doctors was even wearing a catchphrase button (Fantastic, Allons-y and Geronimo in Doctor order). You four were an absolute highlight of the day, thank you for geeking.

I’ve always liked Carol Danvers’ Warbird costume, though that may just be because I didn’t like the previous one. The new, more military (and let’s admit it, more practical) one is pretty awesome too.

My kids have no idea who the Red Hood is,we’re more of a Marvel family… but it was still super cool of this gent to don his frankly claustrophobic headgear for a pic!

I have no words. I don’t think I need any.


When universes collide…and Gdayboy sticks his tongue out… and I’m reminded of how tall my daughter is…

Being Lost Hemisphere, we were delighted to see the return of our Cygnaran Warcaster from last year, even if he was accompanied this year by a filthy Cryxian.

I mean, I *say* filthy Cryxian, but I’m sure Ms Ravenmane showers regularly… IN THE BLOOD OF CYGNARAN CIVILIANS! I mean, as a Menite I’m not 100% against Cygnar’s military being shown as ineffectual and unable to defend their populace from the Scharde Isles, encouraging them to turn back to Menoth, but still…

Leia and Vader were promoting a new line of Star Wars headphones which, not gonna lie, did look pretty darn nerdtastic.

This one’s only a distance shot unfortunately, but who remembers Skies of Arcadia?

For Pal Rich, Aquaman! Oh, and Wonder Woman… but Rich is obsessed with Aqauman, so…

Loki and Thor were tromping around together, and I have to say, Loki  here chose his costume well. He’s certainly got something Hiddlestonish about him.

Creative use of cardboard, kids. You too can look AWESOME.

A quick shoutout to Toronto’s L5R LARP group. They tell me they need some Unicorns, and maybe some Mantis. If you’re interested, check ’em out: The Sword & The Chrysanthemum.

And we end with these two, Generation 1 Transformers, who broke into some sweet dance moves that were bloody adorable until Optimus started doing the Mr Bean Pelvic Thrust. GAH! 😉

There were cosplayers galore at FanExpo this year, and it was a delight and honour to be able to see all of the hard work and effort that went into the costumes, all on display. Thank you to each and every one of you for being part of the Gdaykid’s first FanExpo. As a geek dad, I appreciate it, and salute you all.

Here’s to next year!

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  1. Skies of Arcadia cosplay?! Cool!

  2. Man, your kids have really grown!