Gatorman Posse

Long the bane of many a Warmachine player, the Gatormen have caused much shaking of fists due to their combined resilience and damage output. Multiple initial attacks, solid armour, plenty of wound boxes, and a selection of prayers from the Bokor that leads them to allow them to adjust to the situation at hand makes them a solid inclusion in many a list. The one saving grace we’ve had all these years was that a unit made of five medium metal bases is a decent chunk of cash and space taken up in the cases of many a Hordes player…except Trollbloods of course, these guys are just par for the course for them 😉

It was only a matter of time before Privateer Press decided to make it even easier for Hordes players to cause grief with their walking handbags by resculpting the entire unit and casting them in plastic…

Here we see all the components needed to make several new handbags and a fine pair of gatorskin boots. Or, ya know, a dirty great pile of malevolence wrapped in bumpy scales and swinging poleaxes just waiting to happen. All depends on your perspective, really.

After sorting out the components we confirm that there’s two different poses for the grunt gators, and then there’s the bokor. His bone necklace is a separate component, which will no doubt make Iron Kingdoms Unleashed players wish that they could order individual components.

The bokor is a fine example of the component breakdown. Separate arms and legs, and in his case, a cute little tail. Mould lines are very clean as well, though there’s a little cleanup needed on the end of the plugs.

Of course, we’re talking models holding polearms in both hands, so there’s the question of lining up the components. Keyed plugs help keep things in alignment.

A little wiggling might be needed to line some of the components up, an ad always with these plastics, don’t be afraid of using hot water to make the components more pliable.

The components are held here, but make a nicely tight connection with a little glue holding them properly in place. The connection point hides itself reasonably well amidst the scales, though a snake of green stuff and edge of a sculpting tool can make them invisible.

Normally for review units we paint an example grunt, but painter Nick apparently decided to knock out the entire unit. He’s industrious like that.

Nick’s gators may be cold blooded, but they work quite efficiently in cold environments.

It may be because their back plating is in fact a highly evolved bank of solar converters, heating their entire bodies.

Or, ya know, it could be this mook, dancing up a storm and keeping his squad from entering torpor as the temperature drops.

The Gatorman Posse has been resculpted in plastic and is now available at your FLGS. Lay in wait just below the water’s edge until your local store employee strolls close to the riverbank to get a drink. Then launch yourself at them, wrap your powerful jaws around their torso and do a death roll. Or, alternatively and a lot less likely to get you charged with assault, just ask them to get you a box.