Paint The Target: August results, September challenge

Ah, Labor Day in Canada… A day away from the office, a chance to get some stuff done around the house, or maybe get my geek on at the FLGS, and that one last day before the kids start school again for a new year of edumacationing. Also, time to wave pics in front of you! August’s challenge was to paint a non-living model. Undead, Robot, Construct, whatever – if it wasn’t living and breathing, it was allowed. Now, we didn’t get a huge crop of entrants this year, but then, that just means each participant had a better chance of winning our monthly prize.

One thing that WAS a thing this month was a couple of folksforgetting to include their online monickers in their emails. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next month…

Behold, Results!


From Antikidd, who I’m told actually doesn’t have anything specific against small children or baby goats, this guy’s smiling like he knows just where he’s going to put that sword of his…

… in the dishwasher, right dude? Right? RIGHT??

Tom R doesn’t work in a shoe store. You can tell because he doesn’t charge for any boots you might want. Get it? Cos it’s a Freebooter warjack? Huh? Huh???…. Okay, even I was a little embarassed by that one…


Lostie Lonelymonk cracked out the razor saw to make this Nomad work properly. I’m sure Taryn and Rutger are grateful as they lurk in the background.


KevBryant’s a cheeky sod… Incubi are in fact living dragonspawn things, but as Kev put it in his email, the hosts are certainly dead now…


Following Kev’s lead, Thornail decided to paint an entire unit rather than a single model. Now we have Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders to deal with at the FLGS. Why do I do this to myself?


Not_That_One’s a little rusty sometimes, but it’s served him well with this weatherbeaten Vanguard. I can picture him standing in a forest waiting for a young girl in a blue gingham pinafore to come skipping past. ORLCN! ORLCN!


It’s hard to argue with Maelok the Dreadbound’s dead status, despite the way he’s still lurching around the tabletop causing havoc. Polluxx66 must be channeling some voodoo hoodoo.


Trevor G is a Retribution player after my own Menite heart. Ah, the joys of Combusting. Trevor went to town with reflected firelight in what’s otherwise a Stealth Phoenix!


Time to see who I get to mail something to this month! Who’s gets the Gday care package? Why, it’s… (*drumroll…*) THORNAIL!!! … Bounce me your current address, dude!!


BOOM! K’POW! RATATATATATATATATAT! Incoming fire! For September I want you to apply your brushes to something with a ranged attack. No, magic zappiness doesn’t count. We’re talking gun, arrows, slings, javelins, boomerangs, flaming loogies, stuff like that. Can it kill your foe from a distance? Then let’s get it painted!

Send in your pics of non-living models to by Noon, September 29th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end 😉

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  1. Things I’ve learned this month – twitter isn’t an entry!