Templecon 2015 Charity Announcement


Ladies and Gentlelost, it’s time to share with you our plans for Templecon 2015. As our loyal readers will know, Templecon is our home convention and the Losties migrate en masse every February to take part in the biggest li’l Warmachine convention there is. Every year we also select a charity and hold a fundraising raffle, giving gamers a chance to give back to the world at large, and prove that we’re so much more than just a bunch of folks in black t-shirts and the occasional utilikilt.

2015 is Templecon’s 10th anniversary, blending elements of previous years to make for a chronological crossroads, a temporal t-intersection, a… okay, my alliterative skills only go so far. With the marking of Templecon’s milestone, it occurred that it might be a good time to look back at the roots of our own relationship with Rhode Island’s most awesome gamer event.

Accordingly, Templecon 2015 will see Lost Hemisphere’s fundraiser benefit and honour those suffering from or affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. We will once again be working with the Hope Alzheimer’s Center of Cranston, RI, as well as submitting a portion of the funds raised to be directly applied to research into prevention and one day, a cure.


The Hope Alzheimer’s Center provides support and respite for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and for their families and carers. It’s often easy to focus directly on the Alzheimer’s sufferer and forget how much of a struggle it can be for their loved ones. This year the Titans – Lost Hemisphere’s core support team – have been heavily impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease, including the loss of loved ones and one Titan struggling daily with an elderly family member’s fading memory. In Peggy’s name, in Jean’s name, in Laurel’s name – we’re looking to do some solid fundraising this time around.

“What can I do?”

Turn up at Templecon and bring raffle money. We’ll be selling tickets on our usual model – $2 apiece, 3 tickets for $5, $20 for an arm’s length – and as with last year’s highly successful fundraiser, we’ll have a table chock full of niftiness for you to choose your prizes from.

“Wait, weren’t  you accepting contributions last year?”

Yup, and we’re doing it again. If you have something you’d like to donate to the prize table to help make this a success, we’d be honoured and delighted to have you share in this with us. There’s a couple of criteria though. If you’re making a donation to the prize table it should be either:
(a) new product in its original packaging, or
(b) completed models that we can display.

This event is not exclusively for Warmachine/Hordes. Models from other game lines are welcome, as are board games, terrain, hobby tools and the like. If you’d like to contribute,  please drop an email through to submissions@losthemisphere.com with Templecon Donation in the subject line.

“So what sort of prizes can we expect?”

Well, much of that depends on what people submit. This is an opportunity for some small businesses to get their name out there – we will be publishing the names of donors unless they wish to remain anonymous – for their products or painting services. Lost Hemisphere will be donating a number of prizes saved from Review product received throughout the year, our sponsors traditionally have something nifty on the table (that’d be Dragon Forge Design, Broken Egg Games and KR Multicase), and every year Privateer Press has stepped up in a big way and provided an entire army to give away. I also have it on good authority that an entire army of Blighted Nyss is making its way over from Australia to be added to the prize table. Last year we also saw donations from local game stores, both new-in-box and professionally painted Colossals, and a custom unreleased terrain piece.

Given that we were still receiving donations two days into last year’s convention, the exact contents of the Templecon 2015 prize table won’t be known until, well, Templecon 2015.

We hope you’ll consider pitching in to be a part of our annual fundraiser, perhaps as a donor or, if you’re attending Templecon 2015, as a participant. Someone has to buy all of those arm’s lengths worth of tickets, and you never know what you’ll end up going home with. Please take the time to check out the Hope Alzheimer’s Center’s website, and maybe, next family gathering, have a little extra love for the older members of your clan.

See you in Rhode Island.

3 Responses to Templecon 2015 Charity Announcement

  1. Thanks for once again putting together such an amazing fundraiser for TempleCon! We can’t wait for this one!

    You guys rock! 😀

  2. I’ll see what I can do for this.

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