Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight

Man, catching up is hard to do! Today’s it’s time to take wing with the Everblight’s favourite mutant dingbat, Absylonia. Given that she and Thagrosh are both manifesting the “true essence” of the dragon, surely it’s not long now before we either see the other Generals getting totes jelly of Absylonia’s closeness to Everblight, or a sitcom develop here. I can see it now, “Leave it to Ravagore”, maybe, or “Shredder Meets World”.

You know they’d totally rock the Nielsen ratings…

Is it fair to say that the Exigence wave of warlocks is, as a whole, one of the most exciting as a collection that we’ve seen in a while? I fully acknowledge that it’s a personal aesthetic thing, but Bearka! RhinoXerxis! Rocktimus Thorle! Helga’s Spear and Magic Helmet and Jaga Jaga’s Zombie Snake Dance! And of course, the first warlock model that we’ve really seen take flight. Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight comes in nine components.

Absylonia’s wings attach directly to her back, pins recommended.

Also attaching to the upper torso are the right arm, both hands, and a head that makes her a prime candidate to dress as a Bride of Dracula at the company Halloween party.

Absylonia’s doing her darndest to display her flexibility with a little extreme torso twisting action. The upper torso is shaped to fit into the waist perfectly. No real room for easy customisation here, but easy to get the intended post spot-on.

Lastly, her right leg. The left trails along the tail, but the right juts out as if she’s keen to slam it into the cobblers of whomever she’s just raked with the claws of her left hand.

Two painted models to show you for this one! The first is by pal Frank of Capeesh Commissions for his personal collection, and unfortunately has to make do with potato quality pics from my phone. Didn’t have the fancy camera with me at the store that night…


And then there’s the model painted by Lostie Autojack, whose Convergence series you’ve been reading on Fridays. It’s actually been a lot of fun watching him get all giddy about this model, so much so that I’m willing to take the chance of his fielding it – along with a horde of warbeasts – against my Kossites. I may or may not be a masochist…

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight, is available now, and ready to leap into the air with your swarm of Harriers, Seraphs, Neraphs and Angelii in hot pursuit. 

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  1. Avatar Kev bryant
    Kev bryant says:

    Really nicE model and fun on the table boot

  2. THis article was so well timed, seeing as I just got the model and had missing parts! Easy to work out which! Thanks!