Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws

Once upon a time there was a Trollkin warlock. He was known far and wide for his prowess with the stein, his skill with a tankard, his ability to imbibe prodigious amounts of alcohol, and still lead his troops into battle. Verily, he was known as Borka Kegslayer, for by the time he was done no keg would remain untapped.

And then some rat bastard cut his arm off. Thankfully, it got better (because Troll) and he found a bear. Right? RIGHT!

Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws, rides forth this month on his mighty cuddlemonster Arktos the Northern Bear. Let’s take a look at what goes into putting together your own drunken lout on an ursine mount.

Given the size of the model, there was admittedly some trepidation about the weight of the piece, but the vast bulk of Arktos is crisply cast in resin.

This here is the sum total of your bear. One piece of resin makes up the entirety of Arktos’ body, both forelimbs are separate, and a small piece of metal makes up the lower jaw.

Without that lower jaw in place he almost looks rat-like… or in the very least a tad derpy. The fearsome beasty is covered in dense fur, no doubt tempting somebody out there to try to “care bear” him in orange or pink. Probably pink, he’s clearly Love-A-Lot.

A couple of shots from other angles. The rings on the armour are beautiful and crisp, and his grey stare promises impending mayhem.

Both arms come with armoured pauldrons that will lay over the join to the body, masking the connection.

Now with 100% less rat, the lower jaw completes the face. You will need to clear our the space between the upper two canines (ursines??) with a hobby knife to enable maximum chompery.

The main man, Borka, comes in twice as many pieces as Arktos. Well, almost – one of those pieces joins to the saddle, but still…

His bomb arm attaches with a keyed connection so that you can line it up properly. For the novice modeller, this is a very nice thing indeed. Though the contact area is generous, should you wish to pin it the key can help you get it lined up nicely as well.

His right arm, wielding the mighty Trauma (seriously, great name for a mace) is keyed as well. Lo, it shall be held aloft.

Not the vertical slot nestled amidst the fur collar. You could insert a coin there, or…

Ah yes, his head. He’s got an angry little mug, has our Vengeance of the Rimeshaws.

As with his dismounted original version, Borka favours a splayed skirt weighted down by runic tokens.

Oh, and lest we forget who we’re talking about here, there’s a keg. There’s always a keg.

His spare bombs are the component I was referencing earlier. Took me a minute to realise there was a dimple at the back of the saddle for them to pop into. Simple once you find it!


Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws, was painted by Solon for his pal EvilAspen. This seems about right, since it ensures that when playing against EvilAspen, Solon can be assured of having a sweet looking army on the other side of the table before it mauls him with enormous bear claws.

Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws releases this month to add some furry fury to your Trollbloods armies. Harangue your local FLGS staff to make sure you get yours.

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  1. Avatar Not_that_one
    Not_that_one says:

    Just look at this beautiful guy. I’m really glad that his head come separately though as I’m not a fan, and will have to swap with his Prime version.