Cepahlyx Dominator and Agitator

The Cephalyx continue to creep me out, though in I guess what you’d call all the right ways. I’ve never been much into horror movies or creepshows, but after getting in touch with the survival horror genre through Level 7 [Escape], I have to admit there’s something of an appeal about the fleshshapers and mindtakers as antagonists. Part of me really wants to see an IKRPG campaign where disparate PCs wake up in a Cephalyx complex and have to put aside their differences and work together to escape… heck, it’s about the only way you’ll get an Allegiant, a Greylord, a Gun Mage and an Invictor to work together… but I digress. Today we’re taking a look at the two Solo releases for the Cephalyx this month, the Agitator and the Dominator.

The thing that scares me about the Agitator isn’t the spray that doesn’t require LOS, and isn’t the SacPawn onto any Monstrosity. It’s the way that he either buffs all Monstrosities and Drudges with +2 to their attack and damage rolls, or, if you’ve somehow cleared them all out of the way, he reaches out and takes ahold of the mind of one of your loyal Dawnguard Sentinels and makes him turn and thwack his neighbour.  That’s just rude.

Anyway, six pieces make up the Cephalyx Agitator.

The arms assume a very operatic pose, calling down the heavens or otherwise just being an attention-seeking fop, and just to be different the Agitator doesn’t have bonus mechanical arms coming out from his spine, though it is visible for those who were curious.

Rather, the arms fit into the slots down the sides of his rib cage, which makes me thing it’s a serious case of underarm hair gone rampantly wrong. The head nestles in the neck cavity, with all of his gribbly little eyes just waiting for some glow effects.

The Dominator, on the other hand, kicks down the door of possibility for Cephalyx since he just turns to assorted mercenary units and says “Fight for Meeeee!!!!” Seven pieces in your Dominator, but that’s not the sweetest thing about him…

Anyone watched Megamind? What’s the difference between a villain and a supervillain?


The Dominator reverts to the having the mechanical appendages coming out of his back, but we have a separate backpack piece to house them, with a nice generous contact surface.

Each of the four arms connects via sockets to the backpack; the real plus here is that you can assemble and paint the backpack in its entirely before attaching it to the main body.

Aaaand painted! Lost painter Nick tackled the chores on this pair, right down to their rubber gloves. The over-the-top drama of the Agitator may make it my favourite Cephalyx model to date, I think. You can, of course, get your own from your FLGS this month.